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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Ever come up with a saying, a blurb, some collections of words that would make a great band name?

I was in a design brainstorm session the other day, and while I was explaining my retaining bracket, I described a part as a "funky horseshoe". Later, a colleague came to me and said that "Funky Horseshoe" sounds like a band name..

And that got me thinking..
I remember a friend in high school wanted to have a band called 'Mock Twin muffin suspenders'. And another thought a good punk band name would be 'Lung Butter'..

So, do you have a secret band name, if ever you get a band together?
When I was in high school, I used to put random things on my christmas wish list for my parents, just to be obnoxious.

Turns out one year, my dad went to the local "alternative" music store to find the album "Eat Smushed Roadkill" by the band "Dead Pet Sisters"

I didn't have the heart to tell him that that wasn't a real band/album.
Well first of all, I once had a band called "Concave Foetus".
(others included "the Pretty Uglies", "Iocane", "My Evil Twin", and other such silliness)

Then, there are a few band name generators online, or formulas like: take the name of your first pet and your first car and put them together.

But the ultimate guide came from Jello Biafra. He did a spoken word piece way back in the day talking about band names. This is sort of an outtake listing all his suggestions:

On his spoken word album “No More Cocoons”. former Dead Kennedys front man Jello Biafra, includes a track titled “Names for Bands (New Improved), in which he discusses the frequency in which people ask him to come up with band names for him , and comes up with several possibilities. For your enjoyment, I have decided to list all his proposed band names here, as well as notes about what genres each band is supposed to fall into (where this is specified).

First he lists names that he thinks are all too formulaic:
The Lone Cowboys
Leather Wolf
Night Ranger

Later on he also mentions a few more overly generic names:
Bad Attitude
The LA Guns

He also lists generic hardcore punk band names (that he says make the genre look bad):
Youth of Today (He says this was a real band.)
Angry Youth
Bored Youth
Bored Suburban Youth
White Suburban Youth
Youth Army
Wasted Youth
Young Youth (a suggestion from Husker Du’s Bob Mould)
Old Youth (a name for a proposed band made up of Maximumrocknroll writers)
Dead Youth
Generic Youth
Senile Youth
Redundant Youth

Next he start’s listing proposed names for other genres:

Mondale (A Walter Mondale themed Heavy Metal Band)
Magnum Jihad (an Islamic speed/thrash metal band signed to Great Satan Records)
Earth Fart (a new age band)
Pork Barrel (A Lynyrd Skynyrd style southern rock band)
The Dentists
Electric Meat
Pink Meat
Anchovy Smegma
Terrorist for Peace
Black Lung
Zion Popsickle
My Sweet Slaughterhouse
Pets Eat Their Master
Tits Ass and Money
Absentee Thought Lords
Criminal Spa
War Cookies
Republican Buttocks
Shut Up and Buy
Peeping Tom Collins
Chocolate Fetus
Great Wall of Goat Urine
Tumor Circus
Mosquito Cleavage
Uranium Play Pen
King Pork
Madonna Death Cult
Peppermint Leprosy
Angel Puss
The Magic Truncheons
The Lone Derangers
Three Mile Colostomy
The Gingerbread Werewolves
Satan’s Buttermilk
Air Guitar
The Janitors of Anarchy
Lost Orgasm
Root Canal
Be My Urinal
Bark on Cue
The Crotch Puppets
Magnum Dada
Conform or Die
Fun With Treason
You’re Fired
Video Sex Pope
Al Sharpton’s Hair
Cancer Cures Everything
South Africa
John Wayne on Acid
Rogue Boner
Radio Free Pig Vomit
The Ku Klux Flintstones
Elvis Rehnquist
Crushed Velvet Vivisection
Dracula Was Gay
Witch Penis
The Manson Surfers
Bank of Sodom
Keystone Storm Troopers
Sausage Gone Wrong
Aryan Embarrassment (A Nazi Skinhead Band)
Franky Goes to The Bathroom
The Doomsday Pop Tarts
Autistic Chainsaw
Bono’s Chard Remains
Sell Your Mom
Pneumonia Wranglers
Helter Syringe
The Imperial Turdsickles
Primer Gray Erection
Fraud (a high priced Arena rock band)
6 Million Jews (The Album would be titled “Lest We Forget and Feature Ronald Reagan on its cover)
I always though "The Holey Tearers" would be a cool name. "Dreamer Easy" would be a cool name for a Yes cover band.
When I get talent and start a band it will be known works over as FINGERGUNS! The first album will be "Can't take these".
dont have a funny band name but a story behind one- Foo fighters.
to cope with the suicide of his friend- kurt cobain- dave grohl went into big time writing songs.he then went into the studio and recorded 15.With the exception of a guitar part on "X-Static"Dave Grohl played every instrument and sang every vocal on the tracks.He completed an album's worth of material in five days and handed out cassette copies of the sessions to his friends for feedback.
he hoped to keep his anonymity and release the recordings in a limited run under the title "Foo Fighters", taken from the World War II term "foo fighter", used to refer to unidentified flying objects.
he thought it would lead people to believe that it was more than just one guy.
after the album took off, dave said,
" "Had I actually considered this to be a career, I probably would have called it something else, because it's the stupidest ******* band name in the world."

flashback to when dave was with nirvana and shortly after their first album took off.
band members were in the dressing room before a concert discussing what they were gonna buy with their newfound wealth.
" guys were sayin,"im gonna buy a huge home","im gonna buy a yacht","im gonna buy the fastest car i can.""
"and all i was thinking,"wow, i can finally get a bigger bar b que.""
*To start, If you read this Jesse, I'm only 15% sorry*

Classmate/coworker in college was in a band called "Exist, Avail" (Apparently two words that sounded cool strung together).
I asked him if that was Plan B in case engineering didn't work out, and he replied "Honestly, the whole engineering thing kind of Was my plan B......" (and his plan B has been quite successful I'll add!)

(I also could never remember the name of his band in person and kept calling it "Exile, Abstain" which were two other words that sounded cool strung together)
One of my kids had a class assignment to make a band poster. It was for the Argyle Owls, a nerd rock band.
My Ex bass player and I were trying to name my new band. We came up with a couple thousand and a lot of them are jokes.These were created back in 1984.

Marci D Sbenz
Pumpkin Liquors
Heywood Jablome
Adam Bomb
Percy Verence
Luci Furr
Screamin' Gypsies
East Coast Thrill
Master Beta
3rd Rock Passengers
The Hots
Dogg Style
The Professional Babylonians
Death Cakes
Angra's Tongue (Angra was a snake)
Unicorn Tears
Electro Chem Kids
The Blastards

We finally settled on Gypsy Warrior.
Two I've been carrying around for a long time (and apologies for the theft to Graham the Scotsman):

Buster Hymen and the Penetrations
Tam Pax and Lucky Bleeders
On the radio today I heard a band called the Guano Apes. Appropriate band name considering their appalling lack of musicianship.

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Bands when I was a student at OU
Ancient Chinese Pe**s - the admin banned the use of the name on fliers on campus. It became "the Banned Band".

Stiff Richard (I think there was some kind of theme...)

A band you've heard of... Mookie Blalock (a basketball player at OU). He complained and they changed their name. You now know them as The Black-Eyed Peas.
While watching eh new last night, and the 'medical segment'; was talking about cancer.. "Liver and Bond Cancer

then it hit me:

"LiverBone" A college garage / punk band
"Broken Liverbone" a college country / Bluegrass band..
True story. My band back in the 90s added two horn players. One of the band members asked what we should call our "horn section." I said, how about the Brassholes?"
I often think of several words that sound good together and think that would be a cool band name. The one that has stuck with me for years came to me when I was living in the village of Enon, OH and looked up to see several A-10 attack aircraft flying overhead; "Warthogs over Enon" would be an awesome band name.
Lessee here, my buddy and I kept an informal list of band names back in the day...

"Late for Donuts" - Inspired by several cop cars that blasted by with lights and sirens blaring.
"Deluxe Man In Space" - Inspired by an early 60s toy set.
"Ashland Fury" - Inspired by breaking down in an old Plymouth in a town in Oregon.

At the time we were both in bands that didn't use those names, or any of the others on the list. My band was called "Final Warning". I'm sure Jello would find that formulaic...