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Jan 18, 2009
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Im just curious on how many Crayon builders are there here in the forum? I Got 3 im working on 1 29mm and im putting two together to make one. I seen Dr. Don and his at a launch and he got me hooked on it so its his fault LOL:D Will have pics later.

Ok this is the Deal if anyone has done this let me know. This coming fall it will be DONE. I think Ill go for cert. 1 with It .
I'm currently working on one that will use 38mm motors...ideally a Pro38 H153 :) Hoping to have it done in time for a launch next month!

Right now I've got the fins match sanded & centering rings ready. I just need to slot the bottom for the fins & start epoxying everything together now :)
The Cray-ARM prompted me to send a picture of my WAC crayon, see and me.jpg
The rocket in the picture is not glued, just assembled for a pic.
I used the 4" for the booster and the 5" for the upper.
At the time I was making kits in both sizes and the upper was the only 5"er I had around and I sold it, so the project never has left the grould. Bit I do still have the booster. The stage coupler was a nightmare.

Great concept Mark. Have any more details on the coupler? I bet it was a bear.
I have posted three pictures at

First is an overall pic. The rods connecting parts are 1/2" dowel. The bulkeads and rings are 1/8" ply.
Second is the top which is the stage coupler.
Third is the botton of the lower cone.
There are three rings in the stage coupler part, two rings glued together at the bottom to center and to transfer thrust, see pic2. The upper stage had the bottom centering ring recessed, the motor mount tube went down to the solid plate, the MM tube is tight in the upper most ring.
There is a 54mm tube running through the nose cone up to where it intersects the cone that is an artifact of the jigs. On this tube at the largest diameter of the cone is a centering ring with holes for the 1/2 dowels. The bottom most ring is to give the cone a longer length.
I started by making a jig that could hold the whole mess straight.
I had a ring that fit over the outside of the cone to use as a drill guide. All the rings were clamped together drilled for the dowels all at once so they would match.
The cone was foam filled outside the 54 tube.
The key to making it work is the jig. I do not have it anymore as it was reconfigured to make something else.


In reading over the above it will be as clear as mud how I did it.
we built a blue crayon bank rocket and flew it on Fs & Gs for a while. certed L1 with it on an H97 - love that motor!!

now I have 7 more crayon banks, one of each color, & 29mm MMT/CR parts kits, ready to make a whole "pack". I gotta get busy!
Nick S. is the ringleader of NAR644 (SMART) out of Shawnee Mission KS

He was nice enough to allow our elementary school rocket club come out for a HP launch last fall.. everything is going fine until some guy comes out with a purple crayon bank rocket running a Pro38 3g....

The rest was history...the space shuttle could have launched that day and our students wouldn't have been more impressed...

Now I am committed to helping one of our senior club groups build one....

6th graders - too cool for crayons unless they have a motor in them...
Originally posted by Mark Clark

In reading over the above it will be as clear as mud how I did it.

Thanks Mark, this gave the details I was interested in.
I'm building a set of 38mm MMT crayons to drag a box launcher. Hopefully it will come together soon. Got the banks, just need to put the time into building.:D