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Jan 18, 2009
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I figured this needs its own thread because SlimT Just had to open his mouth :D so I had to build it but All I got to do is go get some epoxy. By the way its outfitted with a 29mm and all G-10 CR's and Fins
Heres another with both Crayon FatBoy and regular FatBoy by the way I look awefull in this pic The whole family has been sick
sure wish i had a field like that one behind you to launch in!
So were you already gonna build it anyway, or did I actually get you to do it?
Me and my big mouth. :D

Oh, and just 1 motor mount? What's the deal? I thought your Fat Boys all got 4 motor clusters. :D

uh, oh, I had to go and open my big mouth again. :D

Well Tim YOU STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!:D For some reason I thought hes daring me LOL so I thought why not so I did my measuring and had it all cut out in about an hour and as far as the cluster that has already been in the back of my mind but I was thinking of a 7.5inch FatBoy for that.
A 7.5" Fat Boy! :eek:
With a 4x29mm motor mount? :eek:
I Dare You. :D :D
Originally posted by slim_t
A 7.5" Fat Boy! :eek:
With a 4x29mm motor mount?

While this might stray from the original thread topic... You might want to check this out:

Smokin' Rockets Chubsy

Forget clustering at that point...envision a 54, 75, or 98 mm MMT
:eek: :eek: :eek:
That's what I call doing a Fat Boy upscale RIGHT! :cool:

We now return to your regularly scheduled program...
Na Lalligood when it come to FatBoy I will Cluster in my book I wouldnt have it any other way ............... that dosent mean 4-38 or well you know what I mean