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Jan 18, 2009
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This is my new prodject. Ill be starting on Monday Ill post pics of the build as I go. he he he this will be cool
Excellent idea!

I honestly can't believe it hasn't already been done, but if anyone deserves to be first, it's Bowhunter.

I can see it now: next year Bowhunter's fleet consists of:
Plain Crayon Rocket
Crayon Deuce
Crayon Nike Hercules (Clustered and Staged)
Crayon Terrier Sandhawk - 2 stage
ooh ooh ooh, Crayon Delta :D
Crayon Titan
Crayon Fat Boy with the tube cut down real short

and so on ...........

Just watch. After the deuce he'll build something from that list. ;)

I love it.

What could this be the start of ? Dont worry things will be cut to size:D
I got to go to toys r us I want to get a Yellow crayon for this prodject but SlimT you suck:D you just had to say Crayon FatBoy
Am I good or what? :D

Actually I only said Fat Boy because I knew that was one of your other favorites, with the 4x24mm cluster and all.
One of my favorites too.

Can't wait to see the whole Crayon fleet. :)

It has begun This pic is with everything just tacked with CA to test fit now im going to Wally World and get some epoxy
You da MAN!!!

My 3 crayons are still waiting to be used.
I think I'm gonna go with 1 plain ol Crayon rocket.
And then with the other 2, I'll make a Fat Boy and a CRAMRAAM.
One of these days, that is. :rolleyes:

Bowhunter is definately the Crayon King. :cool:
His kids will be so proud. :D

here it is now I just need to paint the fins and shove some G's in it WWWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

nice rocket! Looking forward to it's flight!
She will take the sky in Oct here is another pic of it Lookin prrrrretty
Ok .. even i can't pick on him for this one .. this is one cool rocket. He impressed me .. (wow that hasnt happened since i met him hehehhe jk ) all kidding aside im looking forward to seeing this one in the sky :)
I ordering some Elis Mountain G36-6 for this baby and Some G20's