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Sep 15, 2002
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A good buddy of mine from Austin, TX, and I try and get together at least once a year to launch a bunch of rockets. We call ourselves The Confederate Rocketeers and our launches are called Confederate Rocketeers Wild A** Launch. Hence CRAWL.

We launched the last 2 days in our newly found field north of the Kansas City area. We only flew 31 rockets this year (last year we shot 75 in 2 days). Here are some of the highlights and some pics:

Eric's Onyx 1.25 scratch built on a G35. Very loud and way, way high!!

My Big Daddy on an E9-4, it's maiden flight. This rocket rocks!! Beautiful straight up flight.

My Executioner flew on an F21-4. This motors are perfect for this bird. For those of you who have a stock Ex', get you some F-21s. Very high straight flight.

Eric's Stormcaster/Big Bertha bash on an E30-4. Think of a Big Bertha with half of a Stormcaster on top. WOW. Screamed off the pad! Absolutely the fastest launch I have ever witnessed.

Eric's 3 inch Amraam scratch built on an F23-4J. Nice beautiful slow liftoff. Lot's of great black smoke. Pic to follow.

My 24mm Fat Boy on an Ellis Mountain E12-6. These motors are LOUD!! The FB weathercocked way into the wind and went way high and I lost it. Oh well.... We also had our first motor CATO with another EM E12. Blew apart right after the thrust phase.

My Richter Recker's maiden flight on 3xE9-6s. WOW!!! This is one of the best launches I've ever seen!! Nice slow liftoff and it just kept going and going. Everybody needs one of these!! Pics to follow.

My Initiator on a G35. My first G launch ever. WOW!!! Beautiful lift off, straight, high boost and perfect recovery. Oh did I say high? Yes, that's right, way the heck up there. Pic to follow.

We had a couple of reco failures so there were a couple good core samples taken. Oh well..

We also had the property owner's 6 year old son, Blair, joined us for a few launches. Definitely a rocketeer in the making. One funny thing happened. A couple of guys showed up to build a septic system for Dale's new house. We told them what we were doing and they wanted to watch. Their reactions in a G rated format were "Did you see that .... fly outta here? They were impressed.

All in all a great 2 days of flying!!!


A truck load of rockets:
Eric's scratch built 3 inch Amraam. The weather was overcast so not a lot of good contrast here.
With the cool, damp weather, the smoke tended to stay around.

Here's Eric after his Amraam shot:
And finally my Initiator on my first G flight, a G35:
And waaay up!!! I loved this launch. I'm now hooked on MPR.

Thanks for looking...