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Aug 19, 2009
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I got the follwing in the mail yesterday :)


It's a Cox Rocketry Starter Set from '72 or so and is unused. The engines are dated 12 18 70.
However it is missing instructions and I recieved the rocket in 2 halfs. Also missing is the parachute and package that comes with the Honest John kit.

My questions:

1. Does anyone have the instructions for this starter set that I could have as a scan?

2. Does anyone have a cox parachute that is used with the Honest John rocket?

3. I don't know how the shock cord is mounted to the rocket. Is there a pin that is held in place when the to halves are glued together?


Any help is greatly apreciated!

Thanks :)
I have a Cox starter set. It was my very first rocket. Launch pad is pretty well junk, and I don't think I could find the instructions anymore. The chute looks to be a 12", and the shock cord is held in the BT with a wire loop with the ends stuck in the holes that are shown in the picture you posted. The engines are held in with a plastic clip. Mine has flown many, many, many times. It flys great, but is small and light so it really goes on anything bigger than a B6-4 unless you have something in the payload section. The launch pad was powered by a bunch(not sure how many) D cell batteries and the launch controller had AAs.
You could also hook the pad up to a 12V battery.
Don't know if this has been of help.
Best of luck.
Thanks for the info Larry :)

Atleast it confirms the 2 holes are used for hooking up the shock cord. Could you possibly make a picture of how yours is setup?

Maybe someone can help out with instructions and a chute :)
Do you happen to know his secret web page where he has his COX documentation? ;)
Originally posted by Leo
Thanks for the info Larry :)

Atleast it confirms the 2 holes are used for hooking up the shock cord. Could you possibly make a picture of how yours is setup?

Maybe someone can help out with instructions and a chute :)

Ye Olde Rocket Shop does not have the plans among its Cox collection.

Any old 12" chute should work, Estes, Quest, etc.

If the plastic motor clip is the circular thing that plugs in below the motor and half-turns to lock in place, I have several spares.
Here is a couple pictures of the wire loop, and engine clip. There should have been two. It uses the same wire on the nosecone section, but just goes through the slot in the bottom.
I'll keep an eye out for those directions. It seems I saw them somewhere.
This last one is of the entire(well almost):) rocket with chute and engine clip.Larry
Yes it has flown a lot, and has held up real well for an all plastic rocket. I have an interesting story to tell about a payload we flew once, but I'm not sure I should tell it on an open forum. At the time I hadn't realized this shouldn't be used as a payload. My dad thought it was hillarious though...Larry
Larry, you've helped me a great deal posting those pictures! :cool:

So the wire loop seems to be the same as the one in the nose cone.

Picture of my nose cone:

Anyone have a spare wire loop lying around? :)

When I saw your rear nozzle picture I was a bit surprised.
Here a picture of mine:

It seems I have a very different engine clip :confused:
Could it be that Cox shipped different versions with the kit?

If you have a spare of the engine holder that looks like the one Larry has I sure would be interested in one. (All expenses will be paid for of course)
As for the parachute I would only like to have an original as I will not be flying this kit. Only for static display and as a collectable.
So if anyone has a 12" Cox parachute here is a rocketeer looking for one :)

Here a picture of my Honest John heading skyward ;)

Your help is much appreciated everyone!
Your more than welcome. Yours is different than mine. Maybe mine is older. I'm not sure when mine was bought. Your nozzle is different, your nosecone is white, mine is red, and mine has a notch in the BT and tab on the nosecone/payload section where the two come together. It looks like yours doesn't. Best of luck in finding a chute and engine clip....Larry