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Jan 17, 2009
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So, I'm riding out the hurricane last weekend and staring at Tim Van Milligan's
<a href="">Model Rocket Design and Construction</a> cover art...

For some reason, the big rocket with the red fins is whispering "build me!"

Anyone know if this rocket exists anywhere besides the cover or a RockSIM
file? Does it even have a name? Has anyone else attempted to clone this?

I flipped thru the book several times, and unlike some of the other rockets from
the cover, I can't find any mention of this bird.

I'm thinking with interchangable MMTs, this could be several rockets in one.
A traditional direct stage, a cluster single stage, and a mid-power single stage.
Maybe even a booster-dart (but the upper stage is probably wrong for that).

Tim- are you lurking?