COsmic Interceptor rear Eject?

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Jan 17, 2009
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My wife got me a Cosmic Interceptor for Christmas and I started building it tonight. I poked around and didn't find any threads on this, but the motor mount assembly screams to me make it rear eject. Has anyone done this? I originally wanted to do a mid body split but the fin attach spans the 2 BT sections so that's out, with out major surgery. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?
With the way the motor mount slips in, it certainly seems like a viable option. I think I prefer mine landing on the motor mount rather than the nose cone, though.

You could do a unique mid-separation, with the fin (wing?) tips sticking out beyond the coupler.
thanks for the input. Still haven't fully decided on ejection set up, but I'm starting to lean stock. I decided to paint as I go so I got the fins together and primed had very nice painting weather on Saturday.
Haven't taken any yet this is my first build for me in a few years. (Didn't leave the hobby just slowed way down a lot as flying was hard to do and grad school at all my building time for both my hobbies.) I may document my painting processes as I plan to due some Tulle masking, like Hornet Driver documented a few years back on his modified E Interceptors.
Well I'm going to resurect my own thread.

I had paint issues and shelfed this bird for a long time. Well the pandemic has been an excuse to finish things I've let sit too long. All that is left is painting a few fins that got missed in the original go around, attaching them, and clear coat. I did end up with forward stockish shock chord.


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