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Jul 21, 2002
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Can any of you that have an estes corkscrew tell me to what degree the spin tab is angled on that one fin. I have myself an idea that's been gnawing at me for a while:D


Just took a protractor to mine and looks to be somewhere between 10 and 15 degrees. Hope that helps. Remember, engine mount is also canted.
The Corkscrew is one very cool little rocket !!!! ... I got about the same measurement as Gus.
whoa, the motor is canted! i didn't expect that. how so?

thanks for your input:)

Sorry, I mis-spoke. The motor is not actually canted, just offset. I've taken a picture of the centering rings (or should I say "off-centering" rings) and you can see that they're the same top and bottom, so the motor is offset, not canted.

I also included a pic of the template for the fin with an angle in it, so you can see the actual angle. When I told you 10-15 degrees I just used a protractor on the actual rocket. If you use a protractor on the photo it should give you a more accurate angle.

Finally, 2nd pic is of the business end of the rocket itself, so you can see how the offset motor is to be aligned (next to the fin with the angle in it). I didn't build the rocket photographed, I actually bought it from someone here on the forum who was getting out of rocketry :eek: for $4. :D

It is fun to fly. I've been waiting to build my own until I could scan the plans, fins, rings, and templates for JimZ.

Hope this helps,

2nd Pic.

Also, body tube appears to be a BT-55, in case you were wondering.
If I remember corectly, the motor mount was canted... it used that off centered centering rign on the rear end, and a normal centering ring on the other. Check the instructions... see if my memory is correct... :D

Right you are!!!

Top centering ring is the standard type, located flush at the top end of the motor mount tube.

Rings shown in the picture are glued together and placed 2 1/4" down from the top of the mmt.

Motor is canted after all, and angled toward the spin fin.

I guess if I actually built some of these kits I own I would know these things. :kill: