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Jan 21, 2009
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I'm ready to move up from photoshop 3.1
and I am impressed what people here can do with Corel software

I would possibly like to offer a few limited kits or components in the future and would want something I can do nice graphics and instruction pages with

I have 2 questions
Where is a good place to buy coreldraw?and what would be considered a good price range?

it doesn't have to be the latest version

thanks in advance
I don't know about CD, but I have Photoshop CS, and I love it. You should look at that one too, imo.

:) Justin
If you are a student, or a teacher, you can get the latest suite for a whopping $200 for the full version. I have version 7 and version 9. Good program. PhotoPaint 9, which comes with it is very good. I would like to get the latest version, which is either version 11 or 12?
Do a little lurking on ebay. If you are patient, and don't go nuts over-bidding, you can probably come up with a real bargain.

Would you believe, $9 for a NIP copy of CorelDraw8? (well, I did have to pay shipping too)
I currently use version 8... an ebay buy for $25.00 two years ago on ebay. I also recently picked up version 9 as well for a song. Just keep looking on EBAY.

Note: Corel is great for graphic artwork like decals, but it is HORRIBLE for CAD or for kit instructions. It is just not designed for that.

well, i agree that it is no good for CAD, but it is what I use for figures in our instructions without problem... Folks seem to like them..
I mainly needed a better photo program
than adobe photodeluxe 3.1....(very outdated)

I have Autocad mechanical 2004 at home for my machine/parts drawings I do as a side I have the cad part covered

the corel package looks like it will fill the needed gap once I get used to it

what is a good program for laying out instruction sheets?