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Jan 17, 2009
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Interesting (and exciting) to see a micromaxx forum. Is this an experiment or a permanent feature??

It will certainly be easier to pull out the micro threads here, that's for sure :)

Kudo's to admin and the moderators for this extra forum. I know that just adding more forums isn't the goal of any forum area and that the administration looks at it closely before adding more, so thank you. I think this will actually become an active forum.

Nice to see it added as it will make seeing micro project easier but I'm not sure it's good to split micros off from the LPR's as doing so may give them fewer "new modeler" views as we know local retailers are still woefully behind the curve on carring micro models and motors.
I should've known you two would be quick to arrive on the scene. ;)

The new forums were created with the idea that they'll be permanent. From time to time we do rethink the categories and those that get almost zero traffic might be combined with another board if there's a close fit.

So it really depends on the level of interest and traffic.
I agree with jflis. It will be easier to spot the micro maxx build threads. I hope the level of interest stays up so it stay a separat feature.:clap: