cool looking TLP BT80 to convert to dual 24mm cluster

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Sep 12, 2002
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Hey, I just ordered some CRs to convert a BT80 based rocket to dual D-E cluster. I was thinking lightweight and would like a cool looking suggestion from the TLP kits.
I know there would need to be some custom reinforcement required [as if I don't do that with any kit anyway :) ] and I HATE paper shrouds and transitions.

Now I have laid it all out, anybody have some suggestions?



'Now that we live in a LEUP world, downsizing is a fact of life'
Originally posted by tnrocketman
I HATE paper shrouds and transitions.

I certainly agree with you on this point. But messing with the design of a TLP kit is a shaky proposition at best. Chuck Barndt had a few comments on EMRR concerning mods to his kits. His comments were along the lines of keeping his TLP kits stock since stability tends to be neutral with a missile and hence with his scale kits. Also, keeping the model light is paramount to maintaining in-flight stability. So as much as you hate 'em, you may want to keep the paper shrouds and transistions.
However, if I was going to put a double engine mount in any one TLP kit using a single engine, I'd go with the Type 30. It's a basic design so extra nose weight should do the trick in stabilizing the rocket. Anyways, these are my one-penny opinions! :D
The Exocet is dual 24mm based (nose paper) and the PAC-3 (nose paper) is single engine based but the extra lenght might work.
Might stay away from these: PHOENIX and SEAWOLF both single engine, short, and lots of fin area. PHOENIX has nose paper too!:mad: