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Jan 17, 2009
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Here's a thought...

Normally, I would just send this idea straight to Nick, but figured forum feedback would be a good to see if this is viable/interesting...

I got this idea following the thread titled: More than 3FNX - My latest Upscale

hokkyokusei suggested that this would make a great entry in the rmr design contest but that idea was shot down as Fore Check acknowleged that his only contribution to the design was the math/calculations needed to upscale the beast.

...however... While these calculations can be simple in nature, not everyone understands all of the issues involved (such as the weight issue that Eugenio is facing with his upscale Gyroc), nor the limitations met with available body tube sizes, not to mention the "cool" factor with certain upscales :D

So, and idea would be for an EMRR contest *specifically* for Up-Scales of model rockets (OOP or otherwise).

I think this would be great fun, would provide a wonderful outlet for things such as Fore check's USS Atlantis and would also help others who would *like* to do upscales in showing them some of what is involved (it ain't just all math, there is some *real* design work in there - just the shell is the same, frankly)

Thoughts? Comments? Nick??

just an idea :)
Good idea Jim. It's always neat to see some of the classic rockets in "Jumbo Size".'ve just finished my first mid-power Red Max upscale...


Originally posted by jflis
So, and idea would be for an EMRR contest *specifically* for Up-Scales of model rockets (OOP or otherwise).

I think it would make a great descon theme.
Would you have to eliminate rockets that had already been built? Otherwise, Carl's mega-tres would be a likely winner!


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