Contemplating scaling the Kraken DOWN

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We are honored!
I think we have a RKT file for a 13mm Kraken, if you are interested. Been meaning to fly the full size Kraken on a 18mm, without the nose ballast, to see how it does.
How did you sim the sculpted tube fins?

Honouring seems appropriate!

Used the 3 fin model for approximation. The height is set to the tube width.

I might have to change the fwd/aft angles a little - I kept the lengths the same (ie: the places the tube is marked then strip wrapped for marking) as the ones in the BT60 kit.

I have done the 18mm downscale, and it flies really well. I had a couple Estes Viking kits left over from a cub scout launch that I did not know what to do with. The Mini Kraken fit the bill.

Don't forget the squidly canard fins though :wink: