congratulations to cydermaster(1000 posts)

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arthur dent

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Jun 27, 2003
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Just a big well done to Dan for being the first U.K. TRFer to bag 1000 posts.I've read most of em and there all entertaining and informative.

nice one:) :D :cool: :)
Well done Dan!

Ahhh, I remember when I used to have the most posts for a UK member. :D
I'll catch up one of these days! :D

Keep it up,

Keep posting about all your seriously cool designs!!!

You'll get there in no time! :)

Originally posted by shrox
Wow, how do I get to 1,000 posts?
lol - well .... that word association thread did my post count no end of good! ;)

Thanks all; it never crossed my mind that I was the first 1,000+ Brit poster. Cool eh?


OK - who'll be the next Brit over the line? Anybody wanna run a book on it? I wouldn't have a clue on working out the odds, so don't ask me! ;)
Next we'll have to put up signs like the ones in southern California, but ours will warn people about posting Brits...


Aye carumba!!


Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat!


Congrats Cydermaster, how did you do it? I mean all those posts, and without any updated pics of your painted Hydra VII :D

Seriously, exactly how many Brit's do we have with us here on the forum? We are rather worldly are we not? I have seen posts from Russia, and Germany as well...who and where else.
Well the active Brits I can remember are:

Me :)
Arthur Dent

Errrm sorry if I missed anyone!

We have also had people from Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and several other places!
Congrats Cyder!

I'll also catch ya's all up ;)

Oh yea... Was he the guy who was asking about long burning super-high power motors, or the guy asking about missile/rocket guildance systems?:rolleyes: :eek:

Congrats on the 1K posts!

Now... Whos the next big post count celebration? Jim with 4K, then 5K, then 6K.... ;) ;) :p