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HotRod Rockets

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Jan 21, 2009
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I'm having a contest. Let's add one more layer of excitement and maybe get more younger kids interested in rocketry or keep them interested.

Kids Love contests. Kids Love Games.

October 25th CMASS Amesbury. Mass. Launch

Streamer Duration For anyone under 18 yrs age
(If anyone over 18 wants to show off, that's fine but the contest is for kids, for now).

The Simple Rules:

-Any child, Any Rocket are eligible. UP TO "C" impulse motor.
-Just timed duration. Keep it simple. I will time it.

-Event runs at 12:00 noon, 2:00 pm and 4:00pm only.

-Three Rounds. One launch per time period per participant.

-Longest single flight Lift off- to- ground wins.

Any participant needs to sign up With Me, First.
I will have a table near the head end of the range, you won't miss it.

I will provide some rocketry and non- rocketry prizes.
Any other Vendor or club member is Welcome to offer anything they like to the prize pool!

Because Kids are Kids: Each Participant will also get a raffle ticket for each contest flight.
Stay all day, launch more, get more chances!
I will reserve a few prizes to raffle off at 4:30pm.
This way even if your rocket CATOS you still could win something!:D

I will also bring a batch of streamer conversions for kids who need them.
*** I have a loaner rocket fleet if needed (lots of classroom rockets left at end of year)
So all kids can launch no matter what.
No excuses! Every Kid gets to launch!

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A few of my basic Contest concepts to note:
1.Make it easy for any child to enter with any rocket they might bring. Scouts, school kids, any manufacturer's kits, anything they might have. Everyone under 18 should have the chance to win.

2.Not vendor specific. Any vendor who wants to add some prizes that's great. I don't compete with any vendor. I compete with video games, the Internet, and reality T.V.

3. A Showcase for products. Any vendor who wants to show off a better way to accomplish a contest goal with their product, that's also great.

4. Any vendor who wants to add some prizes that's great!
NOTE: I (as HotRod Rockets) do not make any contest rockets!
This is not a shameless self promotion I have done plenty of that before and I'll do it again, don't worry.;)

This is just about promoting rocketry in general.

5.Keep it simple for now. The CMASS regulars have enough to do and no extra time to spare.

So Anyone who would like to help keep time or keep score or just show how to install a streamer.... feel free to join me that afternoon.

That sounds like a neat idea. I'll donate a kit as a prize.

What motor size, or is this open?

kewl :) sounds like fun! I'll have to be sure that my Boys & Girls club kids know about this!

I heard there was talk in making that weekend a two day launch. Hopefully thats the case cause I can only be there on sundays for a few hours if I can go at all :(
Good point Mr Flis! And Thank you for adding to the prize pool!

My daughter saw your post and just asked "how big of a streamer would you need for a really big rocket?" :y: silly wabbit.

I just amended the rules to "C" impulse maximum. Don't want any "kids" entering a high power rocket......

You know that would happen.

Really, just trying to keep it Super simple, so all kids can participate.

So tell some kids to jion the FUN.

Contest will only be SUNDAY no matter, either way.
I did hear rumbelings of a two day event? Don't know. But I can't make it Saturday. Fuel to burn, rubber to smoke, parts to break.

Just a few more days to go! I have a nice box-o-prizes ready to go.

If you would like to donate any more on Sunday then just drop them off at the table.

Prizes will be awarded AND raffled. Everyone likes prizes right?

Just to clarify this contest is SUNDAY only. Weather looks great for Sunday so far (iffy for Saturday anyway).

The contest is open to any and all kids 18 years and under.

Any child who does not have a rocket, I will have a small Loaner-Fleet from my usual Try-it fly-it Box.


And now.... the plot thickens! Dunkin' Donuts has been kind enough to donate a pair of Gift Cards! (thank you).

These are not exactly “kids” prizes. Last thing we need is eight year old rocketeers wound up with a large coffee running around!

So, I think I'll have a one- shot Over 18, Streamer duration event. Hmmm... I'll call it “The Coffee Cup”

Simple rules:
“The Coffee Cup” Streamer Duration

For anyone OVER 18 yrs age.
“C” Impulse. (5.01-10.00 ns)

-The Simple Rules:

-Any kid -at-heart over 18.

-Any Rockets are eligible. It's o.k. be creative. I'm not a pink book lawyer.

-Just timed duration Keep it simple. I will time it. (helpers always welcome)

-One round. (approx: 1:00pm)

-If you need SPOTTERS please assemble them before hand!
I know we have some high fliers out there!

-Please recover on the field. Flights to New Hampshire and Maine will not count.

-First Prize $20.00 Gift cert. Second Prize $10.00 Gift cert. (thank you Dunkin' Donuts!)

-check in real quick before the 1:00pm start so I know who's who.


Sat is looking worse and worse... We will be at the Weather festival during the morning and won't be able to make it to the field till about 1:30 pm. I will try to call ahead to see if it is even worth going out. Plan to be there all day Sunday though.

Thank you! Massrokit!

Looks like I'm all set for Sunday ....Sunday ......SUNDAAAAAYYYYYY!

. See ya