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Dec 30, 2003
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i've been working on the ESTES CONDOR
so far i got 1 glider made and the main body

i was thinking about putting a A motor in one of the gliders

do you think it will fly ?
Corpse ,

I take it you mean you want to see if itll fly like a stand-alone vehicle rather than falling from the Condor ?

If so then Ill stick my neck on the block and say its gonna fly real ugly. Those wings look pretty good for gliding and are possibly designed with "lift" in mind. Its possible if you launch this in a vertical orientation it may try to loop the loop.

I guess you could try an angled launch , but Im a newbie , what do I know ?!


Good luck BTW.

My 2 pennies...

Looking at it from just a weight point of view, if you put in enough weight just to get the CG right, how will it recover? If you have enough weight in for basic flight there will be too much for a glide I would think. Without any nose weight, at launch it would probably make a nice loop with possible seperation of the wings. I would stick with the glider config. Cool idea though.
When I read the title of this thread and first started to read your post, I assumed you were talking about a clone of the *old* Condor that Estes made - you know, the "Orbital Transport Light."

So I was thinking to myself, "How the heck do you stick a motor in a glider that the fuselage is made out of flat balsa, rather than a body tube??"

got the condor all done , just need to seal the fines and paint
My eye is mostly on the military type stuff but Ive looked at rockets that have some "feature" and thinking to buy.

The condor is one , theres the Screaming Mimi , the Meteor Masher .. etc. Theyve all got some interesting feature to them. Id like to hear about how this one flies and how well the gliders do.

Keep us posted ,

the ARV condor is a great rocket, 'specially for getting started in 'glide' recovery. i have one, and the first time around i painted it like it was on the box and its first flight was on an A8... i had been worying about having three parts to keep my eyes on, but the two gliders landed not 12inches apart from eachother:eek: i have flowin it a few times since, one of them when it was raining a bit (on and off) and the gliders got so wet from landing in the wet grass that the decals all came off and the paint was rather *ruined*. now they have been repainted. the first flight after their fresh paint didn't go so hot, one of the launch lugs snagged a bit (i think) and it took off on quite an angle. still recovered fine tho! heres a pic of that launch. i got some realy neat sparks, i guess b/c it was slow getting off but i'm not sure.
well, i have stuff to do. talk to ya all later!

If you didn't already, make sure you lengthen the shock cord. If you don't, the two halves of the Condor will bash together and destroy the plastic retainers for the nosecones.

If it's too late, I can offer repair advice...;)

Looks good! I love my ARV Condor. The gliders are great! One thing, though, I can't launch mine on a C. It flies great on B's, but C's cause it to arc over and turn into kind of a cruise missle, then nose down and deploy about 10 feet off the ground. Stick to B's (especially for the first flight), and you'll be a happy undead guy!