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Sep 21, 2009
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there is a message that pops up saying something about Remote Procedure Call, then it counts down from 1 minute, then restarts. whats wrong? clock says the same time as the other clocks around the house. I thought maybe it had something to do with Daylight savings. this problem gets annoying.
You have a virus.

It's known as 'Blaster', 'RPC' & a bunch of other names and variations.

It's a nasty one.

To remove it, go to another computer and download the STINGER program from the MacAfee website to a CD.

Put the CD in the infected computer and run the program. Make sure you are disconnected from the internet when you do this.

After this, go to the Microsoft website and download all the Windows XP security updates. Install and keep current an anti-virus program.

I have dealt with this virus quite a bit at work.

Good luck!
I only have one computer, sorry I put an s at the end of computer, my bad
so what do I do now?:confused:
We had that a few months ago, it is nothing but annoying. I think its main goal was to on a certain date flood the windows update server with requests, thus crashing it. I don't know what was done to disable it so I could get on the internet. Try putting up the windows firewall to disable it temporarily, that might work.
I've used AdAware many a time to rid peoples' comps of this **** virus/malware. Its totaly free, and weighes in at only 1.7Mb.

Your problem is getting it downloaded, without the virus disconnecting you. As its a small file, you stand a chance. Otherwise you're stuck with finding somebody to download it for you & whack it onto a CDR (its just too big for a floppy :rolleyes: ).

Please keep us up to date on your progress, gerbs. These things can be buggers to get off your system, sometimes. Theres a few PC gurus here, and we're all willing to help.
Originally posted by cydermaster
Otherwise you're stuck with finding somebody to download it for you & whack it onto a CDR (its just too big for a floppy :rolleyes: ).

As far as the file being too big for a floppy, use winzip and compress and span the file across two floppies...... But, if you want, I can download it, burn it and mail it to you............

well, I'm downloading the Adaware, since its smaller. I'm not having connection problems, thats good. I'm crossing my fingers this Adaware will help get rid of this darn virus. I'll let you guys know if it works.
Thank you guys SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!:)
Its a relief not having the puter restart all the time.
Thanx a million guys.

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