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Jul 23, 2002
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I have a new monitor. It's a flat screen MAG. What is the best way to clean the screen without scratching it? I watched a co-worker clean her lap-top screen and I don't want to scratch mine like she did!:confused:

At any computer store - even Walmart, you can get the cloths which are specifically for cleaning dust and the like off of glasses. Most have their own spray you can use with a anti-static cloth. Or you can buy the Monitor cleaning kits...

I simply use an empty bottle with Alcohol in it - like what you get with a CD cleaning kit, and a soft hankerchief just washed and dried. :ess static that way, and its very soft.

The deal is I turn off the CPU about an hour before I go to bed, then unplug the monitor and let it cool down for 30 minutes - then I clean it and let it set overnight. 1st thing in the morning, its ready for another months work. 8)

First rule of cleaning good glass: DON"T USE A PAPER TOWEL.
Paper towels are made from wood pulp and can scratch the glass, or the special coatings on the screen. Use a piece of an old all cotton t shirt or flannel shirt, with no seams, buttons, pockets or stains.
Staples makes a product in a pump sprayer called "Screen cleaning fluid" (such an original name, eh?) It is compatible with anti glare coatings and such. Regular Windex or other cleaners can destroy the coatings on the screen. There are specific Windex products made for computers, if you find them they are probably safe.
Spray the cleaner ON THE CLOTH, NOT THE SCREEN. The fluid can run down inside the monitor and dosen't mix well with high voltage.