CompuRoc Motor Library update--Macintosh

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Chuck Rudy

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Jan 20, 2009
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Here is the latest update to the CompuRoc Motor Library. CompuRoc is the Macintosh flight sim program which operates in the Classic environment. This update includes the Sky Ripper 38mm hybrid system and the Loki 38mm white propellant motors.

Some long burn L motors exceed the 10 second limit for CompuRoc files. The two-part motor files are used in immediate succession to simulate these motors.

For those Mac users who have never used CompuRoc here's where to find it.....

Work continues on CompuRoc for X, it will take a little time to bring it up to speed. But work does continue.

Please note! From SRS concerning the thrust curves used in the sim files:

A note about the 38mm files:

These simulation files have been made directly from the Tripoli Motor Testing test stand data. Due to the extreme conditions during the tests, however, the nitrous pressures were at the top end of the allowable level. This means that these motor files will react in the simulation as if the ambient temperature is 90 degrees F. On warmer days, hybrid rocket motors will have more average impulse, and less total impulse. On cooler days, this will be the opposite. See our Hybrid FAQ for more information on how temperatures effect hybrid rocket motor performance. Please keep this in mind as you run your simulations.