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Sold Composite Warehouse 5” Lotus kit bash, 54mm hole, head end dual deploy


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Jan 21, 2009
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Franklin, WI
Composite Warehouse 5” Lotus kit bash, 54mm hole, head end dual deploy. Flown a few times, has seen some scratches over time. Aeropak 54 retainer installed, includes recovery cords, but no main parachute. (1) RRC3 altimeter on sled INCLUDED in asking price. What you see in the photos is what you get, asking $160.00 cash and carry. Can deliver to Bong tomorrow June 10th (TWA), the following weekend on the 16th (WOOSH), or LDRS. I can also accept PayPal Friends/family. The person(s) who get priority here is an interested party that also follows through with prompt payment.

If interested please start a conversation or reach out via email, hprjf AT aol DOT com

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