Completed Estes Pro Series Patriot

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Jun 7, 2018
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Estes Motors - F15-4 [05795] - $30.02 : Apogee Rockets, Model Rocketry Excitement Starts Here
Apogee Rockets Estes Motors - F15-4 [05795] -

Ah, I was looking at composite motors. When I first became a BAR, just a few years back, Hobby Lobby carried the Star Orbiter and the Estes F15 motors as well. I bashed my first Start Orbiter into a IQSY Tomahawk and flew it on F15-6 motors. I liked the bigger rockets so I bought a Majestic and a pro series booster for it. Little did I know that HL was going to stop carrying the 29mm motors. Maybe I could have stopped if I did but I became hooked on 29mm and most of my latest rockets fly 29mm composites. Still have that Majestic and booster combo that only flies on the Estes 29mm black powder motors because of the gap staging. Kinda pricey to launch now but the flights are worth it :)

Sorry, but when you launch your clustered Patriot please video it so we can be inspired even more!


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