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May 2, 2009
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My rocket, TriAgain has been located by one of the nice residents of the gated community and is awaiting pickup at the guard gate!

i'm sure glad i left my name/number with 'em!

it landed on a rooftop and they were only able to retrieve it today

now i'll find out if all 3 motors lit...
or not.
If it is a 'gated' community, then there is probably not much you really can do in the way of reward or a monetary thank-you that would make much difference to them.


You could invite them to your next launch, to re-launch this bird, or some others?
are 'bout all ya find in there...
(rem: these are the same people that called the fire dept. to try to get me BUSTED...of course i was well within my rights and the law.)

looks like it came in ballistic. nose cone cracked, body tube shortened a bit. no motors were with it.

burned-up motor casings aren't *property* (they're trash) so they can't be stolen...
my hypothesis is that they (motors) kicked out at ejection, since the motor-end of the rocket is unharmed. without the motors, the rocket was *VERY* nose-heavy, and judging from the damage (crushed tube/crunched nose cone), the rocket came in nose-first.
and fast!