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chris m

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May 24, 2013
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I have a colossus goblin I'm starting to build if you want a build thread I can do that .
Spec 4 inch air frame loc and cone
Four 1/4 inch fins was set to apply to frame will do though the wall
54mm hole . Only thing I am changing is the fins through the wall and the motor mount .
Things working on now is will the fins need to be re cut due to not just going on the air frame , losing about an inch waiting to sim this . And DD this being 46 inchs tall 4 grain cti would be the max length
In OR with .50lbs of nose weight is over mach , but I will be glassing the air frame and fins then do T2T
Air frame and fins have one layer of 6oz glass on them . Wow I'm rusty pictures when I get the frame cleaned up , used wax paper as top wrap worked well but had a few dry spots that I didn't see
Hello well got my weights and a mock up and ran everything through OR this is just the starting point here is the sim file if any one wants to look at this . like always this is in process and things can and will change .View attachment usr_colossus_goblin.rkt
Chris how about a picture of that glassed tube :D.

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I will have the build thread and more pictures soon
Looking forward to seeing more build thread pics. The fins on mine are 1/8" laminated Baltic Birch with a layer of 6oz. cloth on both sides, then through the wall mounting without tip2tip glassing. I have flown this 4" Goblin on 54mm J's a few times using motor deploy with no problems. I was kind of worried about fin flutter but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The video is of a J-250 flight and the fins look pretty solid. When it came time to finish it Mark at Sticker Shock did a awesome set of decals for it.


Yes I'm doing the same switched for the 38mm to 54mm and the stock fins are through the wall one wrap on the frame and same on the fins . I will have some pictures later today
Here is some pictures , I'm rusty and have not built in some years. There is some filling to do. This is a mock up no adhesive was in harm





Thanks catching up on a few build threads today . I'M bad at documenting ,but need to get better .
Now was that so hard lol sorry lad just busting your chops. Looks good my man, keep up the good work.

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All my mistakes from glassing the tube and fins have been cleaned up pictures in the morning. And the adapters I think are done as well .
Nice! I L2'd on a Goblin upscale Goblin Liftoff.jpg

I popped a QRS-24 streamer at apogee because, well.... it's a Goblin, right?


Coop that is a beauty, Chris I cant wait to see it finished :).

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Thanks! I always thought the Goblin was a fantastic rocket--and like Chris and others, thought it would do well as an upscale. Also like Chris, I wanted to do a 4" /54mm, but unlike him I never got around to it. Heh.

Looking forward to more build photos!


I was beginning to wonder if you were still around! Looks like a fun build, I had planned on a big Goblin some time ago but it never came into fruition. I do have a Performance Hobbies 6" Der Red Max to build, though!

Can't wait to see this done!

Thanks I was away for a few years . This is a US Rockets kits that I had for a few years . Started life as a 29mm . Then thought to go to 38mm , then coming back thinking do it right as 54mm
Pictures later today may not be painted till after first flight
14933048797621650378228.jpg It's done for the time being . I will strip down the air frame and fill all the low spots due to the not very good glass job I did and it's at 3.41 lbs so it could take any 54mm may build a donut av Bay. To go large k or L motor the fins or glassed and fillers at 6 points .
Chris, you HAVE to fly it on a Loki Spitfire motor. For some reason Spitfire motors look good in Goblins! :p BTW, the rocket looks AWESOME! You need to teach me a lesson on how to get a good finish on that thing!:jaw:
That looks great, Chris! (I couldn't resist editing the photo.)

Thanks but there is high spots and lows from the glass job . Will need to strip it down and clean it up and get a good paint on this .