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Interesting article. I am about to use West Systems in cooler, but not real cold weather. My main concern is whether or not the viscosity will be low enough to make internal fillets. I mixed up some Aeropoxy and I think that it was too viscous for internal fillets in cooler weather. Any thoughts on the West Systems viscosity in cooler weather for internal fillets?
Use a work light and ladder. Then use any epoxy.

Clamp light to ladder rung 8-12 inches above work to be epoxied. [space between fins]
Turn on about 10-15 minutes before doing fillets.
Leave on for couple hours after, to speed cure


Here you see light heating fin being tacked on minimum diam. 98 tube. It was 48 F in garage, but simple light kept tube and fin very warm to touch. Used for fillets also.

Heck used for ANY epoxy work in cold.

Epoxy kept and mixed inside house then carried to project in garage.
If ya can't mix inside, at least store there to keep temp up or sit cans under light for 1/2 hr. before starting.