CO2 cartridge for piston launcher?

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Feb 6, 2004
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Clinton, SC
I was wondering if you could use a CO2 cartridge in a piston type launcher?

Or just as method for shooting an MMX style rocket even without an engine.

Sort of like a paintball gun with a BT3 coupler fixed to the end, no that would blow the nose cone off...

Or the paintball gun with a small tube (1/8" O.D.) inserted into the launch lug that had been capped off...

Firing sequence could be tuff, you would need to ignite the motor then very quickly launch the rocket...

Hummm... electronics to give 1/2 sec ignition time then control valve to release gas...

What if the motor doesn't ignite... it'll come down ballistic...

electronic chute deployment...?

Idea to be filed along with other worthy projects.