CMASS Launch, NCR Event and Night Launch - 20 November 2021 - Amesbury, MA

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Amesbury, MA
It's time to finish out the 2021 flying season. We'll have our normal launch from ten to about four, then breakdown and pack up all the gear and set up a small set of pads by the road to do our night launch. Please read the information we have published about the COVID-19 rules and restrictions, fill in, print out, sign and bring your tracing form with you to the launch. Without the form, you will not be able to launch and will be asked to leave the field. Face covers are required at all times for all attendees and social distancing is always a good idea.

We have gotten permission to park at the launch site. This means you can drive out the path to the field and park your car perpendicular to the roadway just far enough onto the grass to clear the path. We can use both sides of the road. Only the trailer and the vehicle towing it are allowed to drive onto the field. When you set up your preparation area, leave at least six feet to any other set up; there’s lots of space between the parked cars and the flight line – there’s no need to crowd up toward the flight line.

We've done a good job of social distancing while in the Safety Check line in this new era. Let’s keep up those good habits. Set up will be at 9:30 with flying starting as soon after ten as we can. We will be stopping at 4 PM or earlier, breaking down the set up and packing into the trailer. Many hands make light work so please pitch in.

Esther's Engines will be on the field with Quest Q-Jet and Aerotech motors. These will mostly be motors that have been preordered but check out the rest of the stock they have with them and order something for future launches (the latest stock list is at the bottom of page 4 in the link).

We will conduct high-power flights as the conditions permit. The wind will dictate the HPR capabilities. Please remember, we rent the whole field so don't be afraid to use some of the land toward the parking lot to recover your rocket. If you’re new to the club, please bring a good computer simulation of your flight. In any case, please match your motor to the rocket to keep your landing on the field. The predicted wind direction is best in the early part of the day and will swing toward the hill and houses later in the day. It's not predicted to blow toward the wires but if this happens we will curtail HPR and limit low- and mid-power flights to 1000-ft altitudes.

We've already got some people signed up for Safety Check and Launch Control duty but there are plenty of slots left. Don't miss out on being an important part of the fun. As I write this, Food Service is wide open and, if you can find them in the trailer, you can even wear the official CMASS aprons for this work.

It's going to be a brisk November day with a good breeze so dress warmly.
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The night launch will be a joint venture with NORG. Joe will be looking for more NAR people to sign up as members for that section. If your primary section is CMASS you can make your secondary NORG. Or vice versa.