CMASS Launch - 19 June 2021 - Acton, MA


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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
We will fly from the Acton School Street field on 19 June from 10 to 4 as long as the weather and the volunteers hold out. As usual, Acton is a small field so we are limited to low- and mid-power rockets. Be careful pairing your motors and rockets to be sure you recover on the field especially as the wind is likely to change direction through the day. There will be food service at this launch. Stay hydrated and fed. Waiting to hear if Esther's Motors will be on the field.

Massachusetts has lifted most all restrictions regarding COVID-19. People who have not been vaccinated should wear a face cover at all times; people who have been vaccinated have the option to wear one but are encouraged to do so. Please follow this link, read the entire guide, fill out and print the form to bring along to the field. While some of the information in the guide is dated and no longer apply, we still want you to fill out the tracing form. If you do not submit a form, you will not be allowed to fly. Face covers and social distancing will still be required as you line up for the safety check and are near the launch control area. You are responsible for supplying your own face cover.

If you noticed, I mentioned volunteers in the first line. Please use the sign-up sheet on the club website's home page; if we don't get the help, we can't host a full launch. You must be a Senior member of NAR to work at Safety Check or Launch Control. Anyone can help with set-up and tear-down; no sign-up needed, just lend a hand.

Follow the thread on the website Forum for any further updates.