CMASS Launch 18 November 2017

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Mar 6, 2010
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Our final launch of the season is scheduled for this Saturday, the 18th of November. Conditions don’t look ideal but they are better than Sunday’s forecast so Saturday it is. We’ll start set up about 9:30 in the morning and flay as soon as we can. More hands helping will get us going sooner.

The clouds are going to move in during the day and we may have to cancel our planned night launch. Just in case, though, bring your night flight rocket; if it’s cloudy enough, it may be a good show before dark.

Fliskits may not be on the field (another granddaughter beat us out) but Jason will be there with all the AMWProX stuff we love to have. If you need anything specific, get a hold of Jason to be sure he’ll have it with him.

Check the parking rules; we should have a shuttle vehicle this week. All the usual safety rules are in effect.
I just wanted to say thanks to Ken, Guy, Matt and Howard and all the other CMASS members who made this year a great year of flying rockets.
I'd also like to thank Nick, Tony, Frank, Daniel and Jason and all the other club members who took the time to chat with me when they could have been getting a rocket in the air. It's people like you who make this hobby so enjoyable for me and my family.
See you all at the Winter Follies. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather.