EVENT CMASS Hosting Three TARC Practice/Qualifying Launches - 2019

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    The Central Massachusetts Spacemodeling Society will be hosting three special launches to give TARC teams a chance to do practice or qualifying flights or to hone their skills ahead of the deadline for submitting your scores. The dates are:
    23 February
    23 March and
    06 April.
    The launches will take place at the Woodsom Farm field in Amesbury, Massachusetts, between noon and 4 PM each of those days. Weather conditions may force a change in this schedule but we will make every effort to provide three opportunities before the submission deadline. Field conditions may have us alter the exact location of the launch on the farm but that will be determined at each event.

    CMASS will provide all the ground support equipment (launch pads, 1010 rails, launch system, etc.), timers and witnesses necessary; the teams just have to bring their rockets, motors, starters, altimeters and eggs along with any paperwork and tools required to perform your flights.

    If you're looking to fly with us on any of these days, please let us know through this thread or the subject forum post on the CMASS website.
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