CMASS Acton Rocket Launch 26 August 2017


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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
We have a launch scheduled for 26 August 2017 at the Acton School Street fields. As we don't have a rain date available from the town, the launch will proceed even if we are getting a bit of rain.

This is not a high-power field; we will have our usual ring of 11 pads set up with a six-foot 1010 rail available if your mid-power rocket requires that.

Jim Flis will have his Fliskits items with him. If you need something specific from him, please contact him ahead of time to be sure he brings it.

Jason will be there with the AMWProX store goodies. Again, if you're looking for something specific, call ahead.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities, LCO, Safety Check or lunch service. Please help out our guests where you can.

Let us know what you may be flying. Keep an eye on the weather and the website for any updates. Don't forget about our GO/NO GO hotline you can call on the morning of the launch, 857-24-CMASS (857-242-6277).