CMASS 6/19 Tewksbury launch

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Jan 17, 2009
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We had a nice launch with CMASS in Tewksbury today. There wasn't a large crowd, but those that showed up had a good time.

The weather was weird, but we managed. For most of the morning it looked like rain. we even felt a few drops and while the breeze was low and slow, we had the occational table clearing gust kick up.

by the time the day was done, they had recorded 191 launches (and this was a **very** slow day for a CMASS launch)

We had all ages flying and I got to say hi to a lot of friends again (it was great :) )

One of the thills of the day was testing the newly re-designed FarScape to try to get rid of that unstable motion at MaxQ (right at motor burn out she would go into this weird but predictable figure "S") I thought I had identified the problem and solution and built a new one (see pix)
ANd, she flew straight as an arrow! This flight (see pix) was on a B6-4. I also flew her on a B4-2, C6-5 and A8-3. The A8-3 was too underpowered, so that will not be a recommended motor.

However, with this new flight data, I am hoping to get this one into production before the end of the year. It was just BEAUTIFUL in the air. Now I have to build a *new* one using all the proper materials and techniques (steps) so that I can work out the instructions and start the documentation.

The FarScape is coming...
We had one little girl with her Pheord X150 (see pix) which she loved and which turned in a beautiful flight.

I was surprised with such a small turnout how many FlisKits actually flew. One regular was there and, with the exception of some scratchbuilt paper rockets, he had nothing *but* FlisKits kits to fly :)

I was also very tickled to bump into no less than 3 folks who had heard about the launch and came out to check it out. They had all done rockets as kids and watching us fly they had gotten the bug again. In talking to me, each one of them asked me "do you know where I could buy a model rocket?"


So, we have 3 new BARS in our ranks and their re-introduction into the hobby is with a FlisKits model rocket kit :)
We also had a group of kids here that were taught rocketry by CMASS member John Cronin. He was unable to attend but a friend of his was there helping the kids. It was wonderful to watch as this friend had never done rockets before in his life. So he set up near me (which was nice as I needed a chair and he had a spare). I showed him how to prep the Rhino kit for flight and he went on to explain this to all the kids. He was their hero for the afternoon and, from what I could see, every Rhino turned in a perfect flight.

Here is a pair of them on a drag race
3 more pix then off to bed :)

Here is one of the Tres kits that flew. This one flew once on B6-4 motors. It is an interesting paint scheme using red and orange, but the layout of the color matches the kit cover art (pretty much). The other tres that flew was unpainted. I didn't get launch photo's cuz my camera battery died...
Here is a closing shot showing Bill Spadafora (CMASS prez) moments after pushing the launch button.

Having flown all around the country, CMASS still has, in my eyes, the best run launches - period. The helpful members, top-notch equipment kept in good order, beautiful and fast pad layout, efficient RSO/LCO area and everyone knows their responsibilities. I mean, they pull the van up and about a half dozen folks start pulling, unpacking, setting up... it's like a ballet for 15 minutes, then they announce "we're ready to launch!"

good stuff. I had fun today.
yea, it was a *relaxing* launch. not too crowded but busy enough to keep you interested. And it gave me time to walk around and really *talk* to some of my friends (a rare occurance lately).

a good day
yeah Jim you are definantly right. Cmass' orginization is unmatched. Sometimes the launches arent the best, but wherever I go, noplace comes close to CMASS' orginization. My dad brags about it to people at other clbs
Agreed, you hvae more flights per day than KCAR and probably more people... We only have 6 pads but not too many members so it's easy to prep and get around.