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Mar 1, 2009
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fast approaching and still i have not fixed the aura. she flew nicely on ALL her flights, however she broke 2 fins on EVERY landing. if i can get to rc buyers warehouse in nashua i'll glass it before saturday.
anyway, i am going to have 5 G80-10t's on hand at the launch. i got them at a great price. so whoever needs one, i'd be willing to let them go for 15 a piece. im only going to use 1 or two. just let me know. i'll include a copperhead igniter if you want it.
whats everyone flying this weekend?
Unfortunately, FlisKits won't be able to attend this launch as we'll be at the Clay Center Weather Conference with a booth and doing a build session. Hopefully the next launch though :)
i just got my onyx in the mail yesterday, that was QUICK. anyway, i started building, all thats left is the fins and shock cord mount, so i expect it should be ready(without paint) to go up on a G tomorrow at the launch. as long as the wind stays down and the clouds stay up. also, if its clear i'll check out my aura on an F20, finally. and maybe an F50. but we'll see. its only a 6 second delay.
Both the FFM175 and SS324 have been repaired and are in the middle of being re-painted (touched up at least). Assuming the weather, my schedule, and the kids don't interfere, I think I'm ready for the launch.

Assuming the weather, my schedule, and the kids don't interfere,

The weather (26 mph winds?) and the kids (going hiking) interfered, so it looks like I won't be there for this launch :-(

But the paint jobs on the two models came out pretty good - the FFM175 doesn't even look like it was repaired, and the SS324 does only if you look closely.
The forecast ground level winds are from the southwest at 20 mph at 10 am and gradually decreasing to 15 mph at 4 pm, and the winds aloft at 3000 ft are projected to be 40 mph from the west. I think that might be a little high but it's going to be windy.

Temperatures in the 50s.

Bob Krech
ahh, use smaller chutes. lol. bring plenty of 5 minute epoxy and no worries. lol.
[ahh, use smaller chutes.

I just finished repairing two cracked BTs due to hard landings due to insufficient chutage. "Use smaller chutes" is not always a good option.
Originally posted by DJ Delorie
I just finished repairing two cracked BTs due to hard landings due to insufficient chutage. "Use smaller chutes" is not always a good option.

I will probably "Use Smaller Motors".

It was windy at the last launch and I had some really long walks even with a "smaller chute". ;) :p

I finally got smart near the end and sent up my Astron Cobra on three A8-3's. It wasn't a super high flight but I didn't have to hike to Timbuktu either. :)
that was one of the most memorable launches ever. too bad it was SOO windy. it was insane fun though, and i was almost late for work. lol. i just HAD to see dougs glotova go up on the sustainer only. my AURA took its maiden F flight on an F20-7W. boy, that puppy climbed out of there quick. i had the chute choked 3/4 of the way up the shroud. both flights with the AURA were successfully recovered with no damage.
the ONYX on the other hand didnt fare so well. first i put it up on an F50, i really had no experience with this motor, so i had no idea that it was going to be crazy. once he pushed the button, i didnt expect that baby to be 50' off the ground already. lol. i lost it until the tracking smoke lit. then i BARELY saw it come down. successfull recovery. about a 200yd walk. after that i was itching to put it up on a G80. that was its downfall. it SHOT off the pad, i mean lightning fast. that motor is SICK. i tracked it surprisingly well all the way until it landed past the woods not to be recovered. despite about 30 minutes of wading through pricker bushes.
doug helped me out with my missing rocket problem, but i'll let him tell you about it.
other than that, there were some really impressive flights. even with the wind. i think doug may have gotten a photo of my onyx on a G80, i'll have to check with him. hopefully he caught it right at ignition.
Originally posted by r1dermon
. i think doug may have gotten a photo of my onyx on a G80, i'll have to check with him. hopefully he caught it right at ignition.

Sorry I missed that shot... but at least you have another Onyx to fly ;). Liam came up to me with a G80-10T and said if I found his Onyx, he'll give it to me. But then I one-uped him on the offer ... I said tell you what, i'll give you my Onyx for that G80... he took me up on that offer. :D

Let me grab a nickle, and i'll give you my launch report ;).
hey doug, find it, and you get another G80. i have plenty to go around. lol. and with those price hikes, its a pretty good incentive. man, that onyx was WELL built considering it was made in like, an hour. that was my new baby. here's the paint i was talking about doug i think thats the site. maybe i'll just strip down the one i got from you and paint it with that stuff. we'll see though.
Ok, dropped the nickle.... time for my report :D.

Titan D12-3 and 4 A10-PT's - all 5 motors lit
Super Tube - D12-3
Semroc SLS Skyhook - C11-5
Bull Pup 12D - B4-4
Aries - B6-2
Sumo - G54-6W
Sumo - G75-6J
Aurora - H242-6T
Super Glotova - H128-6W

If it wasn't for the wind, this launch would of been perfect :D. But even with the wind, we all had a blast. And this time, we avoided atillery fire on the apartments. Many good flights, my still and video camera got a lot of work :).
Liam and his younger brother seemed to hang around my table a lot ;). I had good luck at the launch... everything I flew I got back, and the most major damage I got was a fin got knocked off the Titan. Unfortunatly, when the launch ended... that is when my luck ran out...

Lets just say that I won't be taking my film to Brooks Pharamacy again...
The lady there couldn't get the header out of the film, so she tried opening the lips of the cartridge. Well, she still couldn't get the leader out... and her darkbag was ripped, so she couldn't manually extract the film... so I took the roll to to CVS, and the lady there developed my film... and sure enough.... light got into the cartrdge... The pictures are there, but they have been licked with light...

I'll post pics and vids soon.
i hope they come out ok.
yes, its true, i was glued to dougs table from about 2:30 until 3:45. he was displaying his 38mm case to me, which he proceeded to fire away. then i traded him the G80 for another onyx. all in all it was a good day. like doug said, it would've been insanely great if there was no wind. it was REALLY clear. and mostly the sun was blocked by some really high clouds. perfect viewing conditions.
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the launch.

My Aerotech Sumo with a G54-6W.


My Aerotech Sumo with a G75-6J. That is my favorite G motor :D.


My Super Glotova with a H128-6W in single stage mode.


My PML Aurora with a H242-6T.

Here is a nice shot of my Titan with a D12-5 and four A10-PT's. You can clearly see the little toungs of flame from the A10's :D.

Click here to access my videos.

I love that pix of the Titan. Could you email me a full size (hi res) version? That would make a great image for our web site for that cluster mount :)