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can you elaborate just a bit on your qstn?
(it wasn't clear what you were asking about)

do you mean, where can you get kits with cluster motor mounts?
do you mean, where can you get motors?
sorry for the unclearness. rockets that are designed with/ for cluster flights or motor mounts

I just got back from NSL. I invite you to check out our (FlisKits: ) Deuce's Wild! (two 18mm cluster), Tres (three 18mm cluster) and Richter Recker (three 24 mm cluster).

We also have a full line of cluster engine mount kits

Here are the links:

Deuce's Wild!:
Richter Recker:

Engine Mount Kits:

All great fun (clusters are my favorites :) ). Let me know if any of these strike your fancy :)


Check in the vender's forum...lots of cluster kits available from most of the guys here...including Fliskits.

A big thumbs-up on the Deuce's Wild, and I have seen a Richter Wrecker launched and it looked real good too.

All those Flyin' Silverado suggestions look good also, if he will just get them into kits and onto his web page . . .

Before you go nuts building the rockets, however, be aware that you are going to need a good electrical launch system to simultaneously zap a bunch of igniters. There are old threads here on TRF with wiring schematics, you can google up a bunch of other websites with launcher plans, and you may as well go ahead and order some clip-whips from Flyin' Silverado, you're going to need them!
thanks for the help... and sorry for the putting the post in the wrong forum... it just cameto my mind when i was looking at this forum and i didnt think...
I have a Richter Recker and love it. Load it up with three E9-6's. You'll get about 1,500 feet out of it.

I believe three E9's are the equivelant of a G27 with a 3 second burn.;)

I am also building a Tres. You can't go wrong with that kit.
I also think that this thread should be in either the propulsion or coffee house forums but I'm sure one of the moderators here will gladly help you out.;) :)
I'd personally like to recommend Thrustline's Hank as a good first cluster kit. It has some sweet lines and looks very cool, and with the 2-18mm cluster and two B6-4's, it'll only get about 400 feet, so it's not exactly a high flyer! A8-3's are a "lob" flight, and as such, you'll only get about 175 feet! Awesome rocket, in my opinion. :) :cool:

Now let's not forget the Deuce...although I would't exactly recommend that as a first cluster kit - a second one, most definately! :p

Have fun, and make sure you use 12 volts! :D :D

Originally posted by jetra2

Now let's not forget the Deuce...although I would't exactly recommend that as a first cluster kit - a second one, most definately! :p


I've been surprised to discover at least 10 cases where the Deuce's Wild! kit was a "first cluster" kit. Even in the case of Carl Tulanko's 38-Special... was his first composite cluster :)
i think your best bet is to find a kit from any company that you like. get some custom centering rings made up from the same company for what ever cluster you like. (more like what you can fit in there) and if it has TTW fins you will probly have to cut them off a little. that at least what i would do. but the LOC starburst is a nice 2 cluster of Es or Fs.
You are definately covered w/BP cluster kits with what's been posted. But for composite I'd reccomend the LOC 4-29SS, Viper III, Viper IV, Starburst (I think that one was mentioned), or the Ultimate, which you saw me crash on Saturday:kill: All great kits. I could help you out at launches, too. But all the BP powered kits that the other guys mentioned are great choices, too.