Clustering Apogee Medalist F10 Motors

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Jan 20, 2009
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Has anyone had successes/failures attempting to cluster Apogee Medalist F10s or E6s, from the ground? (Not looking to do airstarts.)
If success, what type of igniter was used? Anything else used to supplement the igniters, like a black powder flash pan?

The F10's are end burners, with a small nozzle for igniter to pass through. The F10's are packaged with a copperhead like igniter.
I understand the F10s are cast with Blue Thunder propellant formula, and Blue Thunder is easiest of the Aerotech propellants to ignite.

I have a rough Falcon Heavy that is 39" tall and weighs 32oz.
I've successfully launched on single Aerotech G80.
I've successfully launched on a cluster of 3 Estes F15s.
RockSim says this will fly stable with only 2 of 3 F10's lit (but motor ejection would be 3 seconds late).


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