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May 2, 2009
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i was bored, so i created this beastie. not sure what fins i'm gonna put on it, maybe big bertha style. it will fly on 2, 4, 6 or 8 motors...i don't think 2x 13mm motors will lift it, but it will add smoke and fire...the 13mm holes are blocked off so as not to activate the recovery system too soon.

i'll be using a stuffer tube to make sure the chute deploys, even on two motor flights.
DROOOL! Cluster! I love clusters! :D :D

You just kept stuffing and stuffing motor tubes in until no more would fit, didn't ya? :p

Looks great! Now you just need a great design to complement that awesome cluster and you'll have it made!

Make sure you talk to Thrustline Aerospace, which is run by our own flying_silverad, and see if he can make you a custom clip-whip! :)

Also, make sure you use a 12 volt motorcycle-style battery that's fully charged, either in a relay format (best) or the normal way (relay is better). :cool:

Oh, it probably wouldn't hurt to talk to Jim Flis to see if he can get you a copy of his Hints on Clustering sheet - it'l help a lot! :D


Post 1100! :D
stuffed as many as would fit...
then i tried with a BT-60 and was disappointed that i could only fit 3x 18mm MMTs in there... i thought... "that's not enough", so i put in 3x 24mm mounts!
i've read the clustering tech reports from estes/centuri, as well as some practical experience. I'm leaning more toward 18v Black & Decker NiCd or 2x 7.2V battery packs from my R/C cars.

i worked in the electronics industry doing production, mostly soldering surface mount components by hand, and cable assembly...i even picked up a production-style weller soldering station for $15 at a flea market!

so, this next one is gonna be insaaaaaaane...
almost done!
i just noticed while looking at this photo that i forgot to fill some gaps...
looks like the central mount needs to be bigger tho!
I was thinking the same thing. A little skimpy on the center there. What rocket is that by the way???
I posted this pic in the scratch-building forum, but figured it would fit here as well. It's my boilerplate #1 of the Delta II with 10 motors - 9xA10-3's and a single D12. They all lit fine with the old Estes Pro Controller using 2x7.2v RC batteries. Rather than use 10 separate clip-whips, I used wire wrap wire from Radio Shack to extend the igniter leads and just twisted all the red ones together and all the blue ones together. Just hook up the single pair of clips and it's ready to go.
Awesome cluster pics, guys! VERY NICE elapid, and Rocketboy25, is that an Estes V2 that you mod'ed the tail cone on? It appears so...very, very cool
Originally posted by Elapid
here's a new shot now that it's done.

Three 24mm motors in a BT-60?

You really don't want that one to come back, do you?

It looks like a really fun rocket design---did you convert that from some other 'standard' kit?
Three 24mm motors in a BT-60?

You really don't want that one to come back, do you?

It looks like a really fun rocket design---did you convert that from some other 'standard' kit?

no, it's not from a kit, i just kinda thought it up and made it work. I was thinking about minimum diameter rockets and figured out a sub-minimum diameter design. (i have some other interesting ideas coming, too!) i have it in a rocksim file (i haven't figured out how to do the transitions from the motor mounts to the body tube yet) and it does go like a bat out of hell, though, maybe it needs a booster stage?

rocksim is a dangerous thing...
i have made 3 new scratch-builts...
an ASP Sandhawk clone, an Estes Mosquito clone, and a weird backward-looking rocket from the what if section on EMRR and i put in several of my original designs as well. i like the interface but it has some issues i'd like to see fixed.

i hope i get some sleep tonight.. i have lots of body tubes and balsa wood!
That thing is gonna rock on 3 D'S , even better , 3 E's :eek:
It `s not the Estes V2 , it´s an big ,fiberglass V2 from slovenia it´s 140cm high,16,5 cm Dia. It has an 9x25mm Motor cluster.I want to fly it with german HELD5000 motors (BP E7-0) It wont fly very high but it will be very spectacular :) .

WOW ! Absolutely amazing ! I dont think I've seen a V2 as nice!! Well done!!
i cut off sections of body tube at an angle, then used CA glue to glue them to the tops of the motor tubes. then some final blending with 80 grit sandpaper, etc.

i can't wait to fly it!
i finally finished my Tri Again
i had to put in 2 ounces of lead ( i tried 2 oz of feathers, but they didn't fit ;) )in the nose cone to balance out the weight of the 3 E-Class motors

the rocket weighs in at just under 350g at liftoff
i put an 18" chute on it...
107.4g of BP
90 Newton seconds

i'm gonna stick to Cs and Ds unless there's NO wind with my tiny field, it sims to 3400' on 3xE9-8, 1900 on Ds, and just over 1k feet on 3xC11-7
Beautiful looking rocket, Rocketboy! Now let's see some flight pics!
Originally posted by Rocketboy25
Ok, here´s a pic from the painted beast:D

fantastic looking paint... I've got a V2 sitting here in primer... because I couldnt decide which paint scheme to go with...

what did you use to mask the colors off to get clean STRAIGHT lines like that?

just wondering


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