Club Launch with Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association – 01/17/2009

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Jan 18, 2009
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Cape Coral Florida USA
Hello TRF People,

Well this is appropriate, TRF is back up and running and I actually flew a model rocket at a club launch. Things are looking up all-round.

Saturday, I attended my first launch with the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association. Weather was brisk for us Floridians, 44°F at 10 AM warming up to a balmy 63°F by 3 PM, sunny all day and low-level winds of about 10-12 mph. The folks were great, with adults, kids and families. Moreover, they even welcome individuals like Harold and me. :rolleyes:

The club launches at Varn Ranch in Plant City, Florida. This is a large field with few obstructions, some cattle on the range and many more cow pies. All and all, a great field for high power to low power rocket flights.

I have a few photos on a web album here:

Picasa Web Albums - Mike_BAR - TTRA - 2009-01-17

I flew my Carded Scamp, a paper rocket version of the classic Estes Scamp. My friend Eric Truax designed the card model. The model is balance and a blast to fly. I had four successful flights on a C6-5, C6-5, B6-4 and finally a C6-7. The four-second delay was too short as the paper rockets tend to love coasting. The C6-5 flights were great and the 7-second delay was fine with deployment after apogee. Streamer recovery worked well.

All and all, I had a great day and lots of fun. Thanks to TTRA for providing a great launch.

The club’s website is here: Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association




Thanks to both of you for coming out to the launch, it was a pleasure having you. The photos and video are great.

Thanks to both of you for coming out to the launch, it was a pleasure having you. The photos and video are great.

Thank you! My wife and I enjoyed it very much. I can't promise we'll make it out every month, but we do look forward to attending more TTRA launches in the future. We'll bring along the Akavish next time!

-- Roger