"CLUB" launch , 6 successful MPR shots

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Nov 5, 2011
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Ladies and Gents,
a 2-day "club" launch, if 2 guys and their 2 wives count as a club.
Lots of wind, 15-25mph.
71-75 shots total of LPR and MPR rox, the book-keeping wasn't real accurate.

6 successful MPR Shots,
24mm FatBoy on E9-4
Another 24mm Fatboy on E9-6
Executioner on E30-7

Ante up. . . .
Cheetah, F21-7. Fotd (flight of the day)
Executioner F23
the other Exe, f23.

Sweet, eh ? all of 'em came home.
Enjoy the pad pix, best we've gotten so far. . . .
Nice!! Doesn't look like you have too far to go to launch. Nice big field out there. I've gotta drive 100 miles to get to something like that.
this launch was about 4 months of planning, and I drove from TEXAS to MISSOURI for this launch.
Yep, the field is sweet !!!!

Too much excitement causes "NO sleep". I never ever thought I'd see us do 3 successful "F" shots in one day.
congrats on your first successful mid power launches!! The liftoff shots look pretty good too. I don't know where in Missouri you were, but the Southeastern end is totally flat, and full of fields.
I was the other TRFer at this launch besides space cowboy. Man did we have a blast!! Yes, pun intended.

Like SC said, we've been planning the launch a long time. He and his wife drove all the way up from Texas just to launch rockets. How cool is that?

We were blessed with warmer weather but quite a bit of wind. The wind kept some of the flights lower than we wanted and kept us from launching my Richter Recker and doing a Mean Machine CHAD. Oh well, we had a great time anyway.

We started out the day with a couple of wind testers and then had an AMRAAM drag race for the "official" start.

All and all, an excellent 2 days of rocketing. The log book shows 71 flights but we might have missed a couple, but not many. Here are the motors burned totals:

A - 10
B - 18
C - 38
D - 9
E - 11 (1 E30)
F - 4

My first MPR launches: AT Initiator on an F20 and Executioner on F21. Way cool!!!:D

We flew our first saucer, a FlisKits Pheord X-150. That thing rocked!!

Here's a pic before the start:
We had a kick in the pants great time. Hopefully we will repeat as often as possible.

And now a pic for all of the Deuce's fans.

Wow! I don't know how I missed this thread. Good thing there isn't a law against having that much fun:D