CLOSED! - RMM Championship Round (6) Estes Saturn V vs (2) Estes Interceptor

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Championship Round (6) Estes Saturn V vs (2) Estes Interceptor

  • (6) Estes Saturn V

  • (2) Estes Interceptor

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Jan 18, 2009
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This has been alot of fun. Here we go.
Championship Round (final round)
(6) Estes Saturn V vs (2) Estes Interceptor
Everybody votes!!!!!!
Polls will be open till Friday.
With the votes closed, though it’s not been officially announced yet, here is how I see it. Actually, these were established by the semi-final results:

Interceptor as the favorite bird ever designed to be a model rocket, having nudged out the Mars Lander for that honor.

Saturn-V as the favorite real rocket to be scaled as a model, in this case the Estes model. Did anyone ever doubt that the top scale bird in this poll was going to be Sat-V?

- George Gassaway
There is no dought that the Saturn V is the King of rockets but I never liked it as a model.
I thought the V-2's would go much furter than they did. Love That Maxi V-2 and Honest John.
Is Estes going to remake the Saturn V?
We should send then the results of this, if they haven't noticed!
Thanks to Peartree for all your help during the contest.
Could not have done it with out you.
Have some ideas to make it better for next year.
Thankyou to all who participated-It was a lot of fun!!!!
Now if Estes would just rerelease the Saturn V it would be good.