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Jan 18, 2009
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Can anybody recommend a manufacture of clip whips? I remember seeing a site from Florida that made them. I think it was on this site but I can no longer find the link.
Thanks Again
cant remember who but somones always in chat advertising his

i made mine for about 8 bucks... just went down to radio shack and picked up some 20 gauge wire and some copper alligator clips

i didn't solder mine, but i twisted them tight enough for them to stay put very well

btw i made ones for 3 and 2 clusters

you also can have alotta wire left over which is always handy
Not to take anything away from the vendors, but if you're into do-it-yourself projects you should check out the <a href="">clip-whip</a> article at <a href="">Info Central</a>.

I made mine with the materials suggested in this article. For a more professional look and for color matching (as if red/black wires weren't enough), you could add heat shrink where the wire is soldered to the flat alligator clip.

Or, save yourself the trouble and order from a vendor on TRF. :)
You can send a PM to karatekicker271, he made a pile of custom clip whips for me and they are superb in every way. Very reasonably priced, especially considering the customization I had him do for me.
is there any advantage to soldering the wires on? will it affect it at all?
In the testing I did with soldering vs. crimp the soldered cables kept the same Ohm reading after each use. The crimped ones started getting higher ohm readings after each launch. I think this was due to the oxidation from the hot gases as the motor lights.

Originally posted by LocalX
Can anybody recommend a manufacture of clip whips?

Thrustline Aero ("flying_silverad"). He supplies stuff at CATO launches.