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Feb 20, 2012
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Cottonwood, AZ.
Hello all. I am clearing out a few items to make room for more.

First up is a Dr. Rockets 38/480 Motor Casing only. Manufactured in 08/2006 with a serial # of 3908, This casing is in excellent condition and is a real beauty.
$50.00 shipped and it can be yours

SOLDNext up is a real deal for someone wanting a Jolly Logic Chute Release. I bought this Chute Release not long ago and had thoughts on using it in a project I was designing. Well, my thoughts changed and I am not going to use it. It is new in the original package. Unit has been charged and bench tested but has not left the house. I am willing to throw in the Chute Release Protector also.
Offering the unit and protector for $110.00 shipped

SOLDNext is a Jolly Logic Altimeter Two. This unit is also new, taken out of the package, charged and returned to package. I am also including the mounting kit along with it.
Offering the unit and mount for $55.00 shipped.

(SOLD)Last I have a Giant Leap TAC-1 20" Parachute that is new and undamaged/unstained. Would make a nice drogue chute. This has 4 shroud lines and a 1500# swivel already attached. Very nice chute. I also have a used TAC-1 60" chute. Black and Greenish in color. There are some small pinhole burn marks and a small melted area but the chute is still very serviceable.
$25.00 shipped for the 20" drogue chute and $40.00 shipped for the 60".

Any interested parties can reply to my Email as I don't get notifications on this site anymore. PM's to this site will be checked but only periodically. Thanks for looking and I may have more later this week. Oz [email protected]