Clear Fins for Scale Model Rockets

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Jan 18, 2009
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Cape Coral Florida USA
Like for most things in life, i'd say it depends....
what size fins, motor, total weight, parachute ?
Polycarbonate (lexan) is nearly unbreakable but very flexible for the thickness compared to other materials like G10.
At higher aspect ratios and speeds, that makes it particularly susceptible
to fin flutter. if you round or airfoil the leading edge, that helps.

all those sizes would do fine in most cases for low power, but assuming typical fin proportions on your BT50 , i'd probably go for 40 or 50 thou at the higher end of your stated range, and the thinner ones on the BT5/BT20.
Like for most things in life, i'd say it depends....

Yes, I made a general statement/request that is not very clear.

I meant to say low power rockets of typical model rocket size with black powder motors like Estes or Quest, A through D or E.

Lighter weight models as they will be constructed of paper or model rocket components with card details.

I appreciate your input and ideas. Thanks.

the Thickness required will depend entirely on the actual size and weight of the completed model.
Personally I use all the sizes you listed plus .010", .063" and .080" on some larger clustered 3, 4 & 5 motor D-12 Upscale and Oddroc. 13mm and 18mm models "generally" .020"- .030" depending on the overall size and shape of the fins.
18mm and 24mm .030-.063" again depending on the size and shape.
Here are a couple examples.
Hope this helps.

195-a-sm_Vanguard TV4_61,1413 scale_09-17-96.jpg