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Apr 7, 2004
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So what exactly needs to be cleaned? With what solution? How long after the motor has been used? I'm referring to a 29/40-120.
All 3 parts of the reload case need to be cleaned very well within 24 hours of flight,or before you install your next relode or the crusties get very hard to remove. I use WalMart brand baby wipes to clean with and have had no problems. After cleaning you should grease the threads on both fore and aft closures to keep them from getting stuck. For all AT reload greasing I use CarMex lip balm, it dosn't seem to break down at high temps and is very cheap.
I had a case that was treed and I couldn't get to clean it untill a month after. I soaked it in a water solution of dish soap and vineger for a few hours wich is what I usually use. That worked to some degree but there were still hard deposits left. I used twice as much vineger and soaked the parts overnight and everything came shiney clean with a green scrubby. My normal treatment for cleaned cases is to dry them with a paper towel and then spray them good inside and out with WD40 or equivelant.
I use baby wipes too .. the make doesn't seem to matter but I always try and clean the casing while it is still warm, I have a small plastic supermarket bag in the back of the car and I push out the remains of the reload straight into it with a dowel. I then push a baby wipe on the dowel through the case which leaves it just about free from crud.The ejection charge/delay holder on ther front closures need a bit of poking with a wipe, then a final wipe of the closures and a bit of high temp silicon brake grease from an auto spares shop (smallest tube - lasts years) and you're ready for the next flight.
I once neglected to clean a warm case and when I tried days later this system didn't make any impression so I had to employ Zippy's method.
Vinegar and water solution makes for a good soaker / cleaner for reloadables as well.

Hard to beat baby butt wipes though...Oh!, and a bottle brush helps get at those stubbun burn-ons.
I've found that brake cleaner works great for cleaning reloads in the field where water is in limited supply. I go to my local dirtbike shop and buy Honda brake and contact cleaner. You can get into the threads with a rag and toothbrush. I've been using this method for a while now and it works great.
I tend to soak my casings in 12M Hydrochloric Acid overnight, but someone always steals my casing and leaves behind Aluminium Chloride! I don't know where the thief gets the Aluminium chloride, but he sure has as bunch of my casings by now!