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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, i finally got around to cleaning that mess of a hobby room i had... Looks alot nicer, especilly cause i cleaned off that table (stacked at least a foot thick in all places with assorted junk!). Now, if I can juts get a new monitor, i will be able to use teh computer in there... and replace that 14.4k modem... and that 850meg harddrive... that is NOT this computer however it is like a 1995 handmedown. Hopefully i can start finding stuff and maybe be inspired to scratchbuild.
I spent this cloudy Saturday cleaning "Roachwerk's" shop.

Two garbage bags FULL of balsa wood chips!!:eek:

Now with some glue...and maybe a mold...and all that sawdust...:rolleyes:


But I did find a Delta table saw and a bunch of other stuff I forgot I had!
Right on! I found my deuce, woohoo.

Also got a shelf in there, makes it NOT look like a hobby room but I kinda like it. What I really want is an outdoor shack for my room. Oh well, maybe when I'm an adult...