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Jan 17, 2009
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Savannah Ga
It's been awhile since there has been a micro build so I decided to change that after losing three of mine at an impromptu launch in Atlanta.

Well I was visiting Jon [Pantherjon] and he had an over abundance of Micro kits on hand, due to that the EVIL wizard Jim Flis!

So I picked out the HEMV-4 which Mr Flis had lured me into eyeballing back at NERFF, I was hooked. [Thanks Jim!] Unfortunately he had already left when I returned with cash in hand to buy. I was going to order a couple online for myself but Voila ....Jon had them all!

Here's all the choices that started this debacle. You've heard of cluster rockets, well this is Jon's idea of clusters of rockets.

Narrowed it down to 3, picked 1 and Jon decided to join in the fun and build the other 2.


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The proverbial parts of the Kit shot.

This was one of the first releases and the pod tubes were shorter than required so a quick visit to the Flis website and downloaded the fix. I did not want to wait for the replacements, I WANT to BUILD.....

After cutting out the marking jig, apply to tube.



After tracing the lines for tube cutting [the cowls] I found it was much easier to cut with a sharp exacto if I placed an 18mm motor inside to prevent tube collapsing.

Finish cuts. This was my first time trimming tubes like this and with the motor inside found it very simple . I was a bit skeptical at first, but after the first cut I was ready for the other 4.

It only took 2 times lightly around to get these very clean cuts.

If you look at the top right of 2nd pic, you will see the finished first tube


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The next step requires both tubes to be partially split, then slide them together as a solid unit.

I glued them before sliding together and then small fillets on the joints.

Very nice build thread :) This has become one of my fav of the micro rockets (though the new 3's A Charm is really working its "charm" on me... LOL)

Looking forward to more of the build!
Question for J Flis......

First off I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance and quality of the decals supplied, something I did not expect.

I have figured out where they all go, but for one. I checked the website as recommended in the instructions, but to no avail .

The red sideways "T" next to the 4's on the sheet, a little help here please!
Also is there any reason they cannot be clear coated with Rustoleum high gloss?

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The upper tube for the NC also has a scallop cut on it. Seen in upper portion of pic.

There are 2 body tubes that fit inside one another like a telescope. Then the upper tube shown previously will slide over these.
Upper one [short] gets the CR's and shock cord attached.
The two connecting tubes and upper body tube are all shown in the 2nd pic.
You will note the motor hanging out the rear of the longer tube I just finished installing a motor block in the rear. It's minimum diam. so no motor mount is required.

I used a heavier gauge Kevlar thread [150lb] for making a small tail to which the supplied kevlar will be attached and now can also be replaced if need be.

Unfortunately I seem to lose them before I have gotten to that point!


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Fin are user traced from guide and cut.
Then the "laser" canons which mount on the fin tips are cut as per supplied guide.

Of course I did not pay close attention and glued them on backwards, I caught that one in time and corrected said mistake.

Pic show WRONG way to mount them.

Before I paint..... the dry fit!

Sure is a purdy rocket!

I think if be known J Flis is an alien. How else could he keep coming up with all these outlandish ideas for new kits? Or at least he must know a few.

I will paint this multiple colors, so before I glue it all up, I will require some deep thought as to my process. It's nice out down here in Savannah today, so time to paint!


I decided to paint the rocket in 3 separate assemblies to allow for using different colors without the hassle of taping everything.

I also want to show off the great decals that come with the kit, so went with colors that will be good background for them.

Krylon metallic silver [the indoor/outdoor label] I've used this before, unlike its indoor counterpart that will show finger prints and handling discoloration over time, this won't. Rustoleum yellow for the tube.

So using my improvised spray booth [the bathroom window] the deed was done. Next assembly of parts and adding the decals.




Also noted was the orientation of the front cowl / scallop.

On the header cards and website it's shown centered on the cannon/ fins.

In the instructions it's centered on the ''4'' on the tube fin.

Which is correct?

The paints dry so I assembled all the parts and cut out the decals.
This was harder than the whole build.

Small tad of water and drop of soap in bowl. Add decals.

After a few stumbles I came upon this technique.
Place cut out in position.
Hold edge of decal and pull paper out from underneath. Things started moving at a much better pace. Used to do this way back when I customized HO cars in the 60's.

Then position with tip of knife.





After finishing all the decals I put the rocket on a rod for pics, that's when I realized............forgot the launch lug!

Had to come up with a way to install with out messing up the paint and decals.

The lug goes inside the tube fin sooooo..... I just put a glue line on the lug.

Slid it on a launch rod.

And VERY carefully placed it into position. The rocket Gods were shining today all went well!



This was by far my best Micro build to date and the decals really make this kit. The yellow and silver metallic really made the decals pop!

All the micro kits should come with them. I know I'd be willing to pay an extra buck or two to get this extra level of detail.

So here are some finished shots of the HEMV4 Enjoy....I did. have to wait a few days before the clear coat goes on. Longing for the old Krylon days.

If the weather is descent tomorrow [Tues] Jon and I are going to launch the newest additions to our fleets. Will try to get some pics.





WOW! Looks totally excellent dude!:clap:

Quick glance at the weather forecast shows clear skies and winds of 10mph..I think we have a launch window! :D
great build thread. I have never built a micro but you may have tempted me into building one :)