Christmas gift for the romantic :)

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Jan 17, 2009
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I have been making miniature greeting cards for years now. I came up with the idea after seeing a historical account of such "love letters" that were popular in the 1800's and it just struck me as very romantic :)

I make these little tiny cards (very easy with the computer) that I customize with clipart or photo's that I have taken along with little snipets of poetry, song lyrics or just a little love letter to Kathy. I then make little tiny envelopes, even with little tiny postmarks on little tiny stamps, to help complete the image.

I thought (although it's rather late for Christmas) that I would share the templates here so that all of you romantics out there to enjoy them and have fun with your loved ones :)

So, here they are! (pdf files). I just realized that 2 of the 3 files are too large to attach, so I have uploaded them to my graphic arts website (Toad's Tavern) for you to download.

This first one are 4 different Christmas cards. Simply add your own message with a computer or by hand, cut them out, fold and you are ready to go :)

This next one is a set of Blank cards.

This last one contains the envelopes.. You cut them out and fold them to form little envelopes that are *just* right for the cards.

Have fun and surprise that special someone in your life :)