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Dec 12, 2015
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First off, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to my fellow rocketeers, hope you're having a good time with the family!

We have a Christmas tradition of opening our gifts on Christmas Eve and opening the stockings on Christmas Day, a tradition started by my sister and I when we were little ones and too impatient to wait for Christmas Day ;)

My niece, Sage (11 years old) gave me an Estes Maxi Alpha III, and I was quite pleased, Sage was ecstatic that I loved the gift, this is actually quite significant, as it's the first hobby and interest that we share, and it allows me to spend quality time with her doing something we both enjoy.

my nephew, Logan (14) and I share a lot of interests, but rocketry he's kinda "meh" on, for now, this works out well, as it's an activity that's exclusive to Sage and I

she was quite happy with her Taser launch set, even though she claims to have figured out what it was when she saw the packaging. Darn that visually unique triangular packaging..., she was expecting a rocket alone, not an entire launch kit, so she was mostly right...

my my stocking stuffers for the family are a little late, and will arrive Saturday, five Estes Mosquitos, one for each of us, we'll each assemble and paint them our own way, and have a group launch on New Years Day.

So, the rockets were a big hit tonight, and the flock of mosquitos on New Years Day should also be fun, I'll make sure to get a couple packs of 1/4A motors, instead of the A10-3T I launched my first one on a few weeks back.... oops... Bye bye, little Mosquito....
Merry Christmas to you as well!

I launched a Mosquito on an A10 once.

Just launched my son's Taser today on a B6-4. Perfect flight to about 500 feet. It's a slippery lil bugger.
Mosquito's on 1/4A's are fun. but the best way I've found to insure finding my various Mosquito's has been to convert them to 1/8A (Micro Maxx) motors in a rear ejection Tathered pod with a short 1/2" x 12" Teflon Streamer. You'd be amazed at the altitude the Mosquito gets on these tiny 1/8A motors (80-120feet). The streamer makes them easy to see coming down:)

MM 294a-Lp08b_Mosquito-a After recovery_06-16-07.JPG

MM 294c-b_Mosquito show RearEject Pod & Streamer_03-14-14.jpg