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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
So, whatcha all get for Christmas :)

I was happy with what I got. I mentioned before to my family that my Microwave was a piece of junk, and I needed a new coffee maker cause mine broke, so I got those appliances. I mentioned several times I wish I had a shop vac so I can vacuum out my car at my place, got one of those. I also told my folks I need clothes. I was not disappointed. Several nice shirt/tie combos, sweaters, and basics. My twin brother got me a new life application studdy bible which is real nice. Mom was concerned about her boys safty on the road so she got us each one of those car safety tools (the one with the hammer, belt cutter, flashers, etc). The biggest surprise I got was a $250 HESS card. That helps me a lot, especially since I am burning fuel keeping my place above 60 lol.
Got the Wildman Drago kit I wanted!!!:D

Got a pack of Estes wadding, B6-4, C6-5 and D12-5 motors.

As for my TRF SS gift, not sure, it ain't here yet, hopefully tomorrow.

I hope everyone else here had a Merry Christmas.:merry-christmas::santa-smile:
I got a Quest MLAS from Secret Santa, and an Apogee Heliroc from my folks.

Tres, Alien 8, and Madcow Honest John all glass kit.

The big surprise was a pair of 22" snow shoes--they work really well--I used them for about an hour today!
I got a new phone, stuff to finish an airplane I've been working on, parts for two scratch builds (one is my design and an Ares I), and a PML Thunder n Lightning.

I have a nice build pile this year!:)
I got a new phone, stuff to finish an airplane I've been working on, parts for two scratch builds (one is my design and an Ares I), and a PML Thunder n Lightning.

I have a nice build pile this year!:)

I got to spend time with my wife, an excellent turkey supper and some quiet time to work on my rockets. Definitely one of the best Christmas days ever.
Santa brought me an Interstellar Probe from Squirrel Works.

I wonder if instead of reindeer he used squirrels for the delivery?:happydeer:
didn't get much this year, in terms of physical presents, did get to watch my children open their mountain of presents, and then spend time build dolls houses, having tea parties with dolls, and playing with the boy's Wii. So a great christmas, i think i'm starting to grow up and understand that it is actually about giving and not recieving
I got the best gift anyone could ever want. My four grown children and one granddaughter home safe for the holiday with us in Oklahoma. And to top it all off we had a beautiful white Christmas. My wife was ecstatic about the snow once everyone got here safely before it started falling. The local paper said there’s only been six white Christmas’s in the last 106 years.

But back to material gifts. I received old reliable, an Estes Big Bertha, and engines for the first launch. This will be my fifth Bertha. It’s a great model (I need to consider upscaling). My Secret Santa filled the box with two Fliskit models I’ll complete this winter.

Blessed In Oklahoma

Happy Holidays To All
I got the 29mm rouse tech case I needed to start mid power - recommended by members here and bought by my family - thanks all:merry-christmas:!



P.S It's a white christmas over here in Wales! :snowflake:
This years x-mas gifts were great,not to mention the 2 great meals for far with family,my wife purchased me a Semroc saturn 1b,a Sirius interogator, some nice sorel boots and some hunting gear.Secret Santa gave me the mid-power interogator, so I have some building to do!!!!Sunday we are having more family over so I think there might be a few more rockets heading my way!!!!So with that said I must go start making the lasagna,homemade meatballs and sausage and the sauce for Sundays meal!!!just hope I can keep my hands out of the pot till Sunday!!:D merry x-mas:tree:
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Got a Semroc Saturn 1B. Wanted one of them for years.:santa-smile:
got me a
custom laptop computer
fancy case for the laptop
wireless router
wood heater to go in my Garage/Rocket assembly building
bunch of homemade jelly and bread.
Hand made blanket.
a bunch of venison.
:santa-smile: :tree::happydeer:
Our family got

Mad Cow Mombo

Flis Whatchamacallit
Flis Long Overdue
Flis Nantucket Sound

I also got an Ursack Minor ( A Kevlar critter proof bag for my food while backpacking.

Oh yeah and a large bottle of Makers Mark. mmmmmmm Bourbonnnnnnnn
My bride got me ......... ROCK BAND WORLD TOUR....for Wii for Christmas.
AND ..............BEATLES ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I have enough rocketry stuff to last till I am a really old guy)
She ordered it online from Amazon, got home from work to find an extremely large package on my doorstep.
The box had a label on it............(not from Amazon)probably Nintendo.....
Why would they have to put the contents on the outside of the box??
I felt awful hauling it in knowing what it was.
I could have been any schmuck walking up to the door, looking at the package and saying.......WHOA!!!!
That's how things disappear.
Anyhoo, Rock Band is a heck of a lot of fun!!
It's a lot harder than it looks, but I'll get the hang of it.
I just need time to play.
Merry Christmas one and all!!!!!
Mark T
A small Christmas this year (well for the adults anyway). I was pleased to receive 2 gift cards (one for Lowes, the other for our local Hobbytown Franchise) and a nice shirt.
The Hobbytown card is spent. Not so fast on the Lowes....:)

With the Hobbytown card I got 2 LPR rockets to build with my daughter. A OOP Nova Payloader and a classic Yankee. The Yankee was missing parts! Need a thrust ring and a nose cone cap.:eek: [I also got a 1/72 EF-111 that's been calling my name for a few weeks.:D]

We'll see how my first experience with Estes cust service goes....;)

Each build, my daughter is doing and enjoying more and more. On the Nova, she popped out the fins, sanded and assembled them (compound fins on a L1?). She glued on the nosecone cap and the end of the payload coupler, and after I finished the fin edges, helped glue them on.

Next, fillets, lug, sealer and paint. We'll see how that goes. She's already picked out the colors- pink, blue and green :y:

I'm thinking about adapting the Yankee to fly on 13mm to save some dough.
got a ton of carhart clothes (freaking right!!!)...also, a few bottles of wine, a couple gift cards to best buy and 1 from amex. a 24 bottle brew your own beer gig in january, tickets to a beer festival in boston, and size 16 ski boots! awesome!

it was my sons first christmas though, so naturally, helping him tear the paper off of his gifts was hilarious, and definitely the best, most memorable part of this christmas.
My dear sweet 10-year old son [yes, he was a surprise when he arrived when I was 43] gave me an Estes Flash starters's outfit, complete with launch pad from Wally World . Cool!! I suppose after 41 years in the hobby, it won't hurt to start all over again and try to get it right! :santa-smile: It made my heart melt when I opened it.:tree: Oh, and he threw in a pack of C6-5s!!
A subscription to Astronomy magazine and a book on climate change. I'm happy.

Casio EX-FH20

Let the high speed videos begin!

A preview; just a bit of what I've done so far (this is a trebuchet I designed for a physics class competition this past May)

I got a lot for Christmas. My daughter had a safe flight in from college, we had a White Christmas here in VA, we got to hear Eduardo Villa, The New York Metropolitan Opera Tenor sing Silent Night at the Christmas Eve service at my in-laws church in Red Bank NJ., we had smooth and safe travels, we hosted family and friends in our home the last few days with great meals and better times together, and I did get a few rocket related items from the Jolly Old Elf.

They were Great Holidays this year and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas also!