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Sep 7, 2004
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i have the choice to either get a the cirrus and the black brant vb by pml or the v2 by polecats aerospaace which should i get?
Well, either way, remember you can shred a cirrus if you don't do it right, but I think the cirrus is your best bet for high altitude/speed flights... Plus PML is a really good company...
I can also tell you that Polecat makes very good kits. Just ask Neil about his Nike Smoke! Besides, Andy Woerner (Polecat) lives just across I-8 from you, and you can go pick it up with a 10-minute drive, and he can even give you pointers/help on building it. He's our #1 vendor of rocketry stuff in town (What's Up Hobbies), and he's at 99% of the local launches.

Originally posted by bachsta
thanks and would you recomend cosmodromes bbII or pml's BBvb?

Either one is fine - PML makes great kits, and I love the looks of the Cosmodrome kit as well. Heard nothing but good things about both of them. Only thing I've heard to be careful of on the Cosmodrome kit is to maybe give the nose cone a coating of epoxy to help strengthen the tip since it tapers to such a fine point.