Cherryfield, ME this weekend (10/17)

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Jan 17, 2009
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Anyone else going to the Cherryfield, ME launch this weekend? We met some of the folks from there at LDRS and commented that we'd love to come up for a launch, so we set this weekend.

As far as I know, it is set for Sunday, (hoping) as that is the only day we can attend.

See you there!
Looks like SUnday's launch got cancelled due to rain. They are now looking towards their rain date of next weekend. If the launch is on Sunday *and* Kathy can get the day off, we'll be up.

I should also be at the CMASS launch on Saturday

geez jim, thats a busy weekend for ya!
i wish i could make it up to cherryfield, but i have work. even for the CMASS i have to leave a little early, directly to work. CURSES!!!
Well, i just got the word from Kathy and she has next Sunday off, so if the Cherryfield launch is on Sunday, we'll be there :)